10 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Product Package

product packaging

The packaging of a product plays a crucial role in its success. Having understood this, companies are investing lots of money into researching and designing packages that will enable them to sell more of their products. And in this post, we will look at ten things you need to keep in mind when designing a product package.

product packaging

1 – Functionality

One thing you must always remember is the functionality of the package. Never get too obsessed by the design that you overlook functionality and make the packaging too complex for the customer to handle. As a rule of thumb, the package must provide easy access to the product. If it cannot do that, then the packaging has failed in its purpose irrespective of how attractive or creative it looks.

2 – Stand Out

A key reason why you need good product packaging design is to sell more products. It is no secret that if you place two products side by side and ask a customer to pick one, they will blindly select the product that looks more attractive. As simple as that! Once you understand this fact, you will realize the importance of investing in proper packaging design. Ensure that the packaging makes you stand out from your competitors and you will have a greater chance at attracting more customers.

3 – Color

Color plays an important role in making product packaging designs more attractive. It is used mostly to convey the personality of the product. Bolder, vibrant colors evoke feelings of fun and excitement. They are often used when the product is targeted at teens and young adults. In contrast, muted colors mostly indicate high class and stability. As such, products directed to professionals and aged people often use these colors.

4 – Material

The material used in packaging will also give off the ‘feel’ of a product. Using the right material for packaging is extremely crucial, to say the least. For example, if you are manufacturing skincare products, you will want the product package to be made from a material that feels silky smooth on the hands. Only by doing so will you align the nature of the product with its packaging. If you present a skincare product in a package made from a material similar to sandpaper, you will evoke conflicting feelings in the customer’s minds.

5 – Market Trends

People are greatly affected by trends. When something is trending and being talked about, people will flock to it out of sheer curiosity. So, be sure to check the prevailing market trends and design the package in tune with those trends. This will provide you the best opportunity to attract customers.

6 – Clear Information

Provide all information regarding the product clearly on the package. The font used to convey information should be of an appropriate size that makes reading possible. If it is too small, the customer won’t be able to make sense of it. And this can make them abandon the product. So, remember to test the readability of the printed information on people of multiple age groups before you send the packaging for mass production.

7 – Highlight Benefits

When customers look at a product, they are searching for reasons to buy it. So, why not give them the reasons? Make sure that you highlight the biggest benefits of your product in an attractive, big font right on the front of the packaging. As such, when the customers look at the product, they will see the benefits and are more likely to buy it.

8 – Customer Usage

You must also keep the customer usage habits in mind when designing the package. How do customers usually open a package for a product similar to yours? Understand this process and you will be able to design the packaging in a way that makes it very easy for the customer to open and use it.

9 – Fun And Exciting

If there is one thing people like, it is to indulge in something fun and exciting. Try to ensure that your packaging gives them that feeling. If the packaging is designed in such a way that a person will have a fun time opening it and getting the product, then your business has literally struck gold when it comes to package design.

10 – Easy To Carry Around

Finally, make sure that the package is easy to carry around. After all, portability is indeed a big factor today. A product that has been packaged in a compact manner will attract people more than packages that are too big or bulky to carry around.

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