3 Reasons Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to New Software Alternatives

3 Reasons Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to New Software Alternatives

Every marketer knows that the industry is rapidly changing as technology advances and each niche becomes more competitive. However, it’s still easy to get settled into a routine, especially when your current process seems to be generating decent results. The top-performing professional marketers know that ignoring innovation is always the wrong move, which is why they subscribe to various blogs and industry publications to learn about new tools and software as they’re released. With that said, here are three reasons why every marketer should take the same approach to stay on top of their game:

1. Keeping a Competitive Edge

Since most marketers use an email marketing software of some sort, let’s use that kind of software as an example for this first point. Let’s say you chose your email marketing three years ago, and you’re fully satisfied with the way it works and how much it costs. If you’re using an online service/software like Active Campaign, you might feel as though you’ve already made a good selection. However, with highly competitive options like Sendinblue showing up on the market, you could be missing out on some powerful extra features. You can learn more about that by checking out this comparison page on Sendinblue versus Active Campaign

2. The Most Established Companies Often Overcharge

Unfortunately, companies tend to get more comfortable overcharging their customer the longer they stay in business. For this point, let’s use a major payment processor like PayPal as an example. PayPal remains the top payment processor online, despite the fact that newer alternatives like TransferWise offer a much more cost-effective solution for processing payments and transferring funds with lower fees. Paying attention to new software and services will keep you from being overcharged by an older brand when there could be new competitors who are eager to give you a better deal. 

3. Pushing Productivity Limits

If you’re satisfied with the results your current software tools are facilitating, just imagine how much happier you’d be if you were able to multiply your productivity through the use of a new tool. As technology advances, so does our ability to perform tasks faster and more efficiently. For marketers, that increase in efficiency can mean the difference between doubling or tripling your output in a given timeframe. The best marketers follow top marketing blogs to discover the latest software developments because they know that there could be new software gems coming out which might give them significant advantages.

Challenging the Status Quo

You might be using what many considered to be the current “industry standard.” Still, there’s a good chance that within the next 1-5 years there will be a new standard emerging. The key to being more effective than other marketers is finding that new standard and adapting it into your workflow early on before everyone else is already using. Essentially, new software can help you pioneer proprietary methods that rely on the capabilities of the tool itself. 

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