4 Types Of Apps With Major Growth Potential

With so much focus on individual app releases these days it can be difficult to focus on broader trends. But the truth of the matter is that while individual apps come and go, they can also represent ideas that take hold and stick for a while. With that said, here are some of the


types of apps that appear to have significant growth potential in the near future.

Social Media Alternatives

If you personally sit down and try to think of a new social media app idea, chances are you’ll come up empty. These are the kinds of ideas that only seem obvious after we’re introduced to them. And because of that it can almost seem as if we’ve reached the end of the world. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat in particular it just feels like there aren’t too many avenues to explore. Then again, people felt that way before Instagram and Snapchat emerged also, which should indicate that there’s still major potential for new and/or improved social media alternatives. Just in the early months of this year for instance we’ve seen the rise of Vero, which is luring people away from Instagram and could be on the cusp of becoming a major player. You just never know when a new concept wil
l hit in this category.

Real Money Gaming Apps

Real money gaming apps run by internet casino platforms are already extraordinarily popular in certain parts of the world. They could conceivably get a huge boost in the coming years as well, with multiple states in the U.S. exploring legislation that would ease restrictions on betting and gaming. For that matter however, a U.S. site delving into topics like this recently wrote that online gambling bets in general are expected to exceed $1 trillion globally by 2022. That certainly speaks to a thriving industry and indicates that we will continue to see growth among real money gaming apps.

Augmented Reality Games

If you look at a forecast for the app economy, you’ll notice that incredible revenues are expected in the coming years. And it’s expected that games will continue to capture the majority of revenue, even as other types of apps increase their shares by 2020. This means we can continue to expect a lot of growth in gaming, and from there it’s only natural to assume that augmented reality games will become a bigger deal. We’re less than a year into mobile AR being a major technology, but this is where a lot of game developers are already looking to innovate.

Personalized News Aggregators

News aggregators blossomed a couple of years ago when apps like Flipboard and Pulse gained popularity. They’re still useful but they do seem to have faded from people’s attention a little bit (perhaps in part because of Apple News). But if news apps are dying, as one write-up put it (and we might dispute that), they’re probably only making way for new twists on the concept. Purple, the subject of the article just mentioned, texts its users every day with news relevant to interests, and this could well be a preview of what to expect. It’s a widely acknowledged issue that people are seeking news they’ll agree with or enjoy rather than looking at the news in a broad or general sense, and apps like these will allow people to personalize their news consumption further.

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