5 Best Android Apps Not Available in Playstore

The site that almost all users use to download and install applications is Google Play, Google application store has become one of the flags of android. However, it’s not the only place wherever we are able to download applications, as a result of android has the grace to be able to download and install the APKs freely.

5 Best Android Apps Not Available in Playstore

For various reasons, some excellent and helpful applications cannot be downloaded from Google Play, however as APK files you’ll save them on your device and install manually.


Play Store is an excellent place to download all the things, however, there are some third-party freelance Markets which tends to offer stuff and material that you cannot notice within the Play Store. Aptoide is the best different app store like Google Play Store for Android.

The store is similar to Google Play Store, providing digital content wherever you’ll be able to browse and download the apps. It’s a marketplace wherever all the apps are available, you would like to Google search each time to download the apk file of the app. It presently offers over 1,000,000 apps.

Yalp Store

To use Google Play Store you wish all the GSM Apps on android no matter its necessity. However these days I will be able to tell you regarding an App Store that enables you to download Apps from Play Store without actually using the Play Store.

This App store developed by independent Developers at F-Droid.org is named as Yalp Store. This store has some unique options that you won’t notice in any alternatives to the Google Play Store.


WhatsApp now a day is the hottest application for net video/ audio calling and free instant messaging app, and it connects a billion folks worldwide. It’s made communication very easy.

Users will simply switch to GBWhatsApp from WhatsApp while not losing any chat.

GBWhatsApp provides varied options that are unavailable in WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp works on rooted further as non-rooted devices. GBWhatsApp is additionally called WhatsApp+ because it has all plus options. GBWhatsApp is secure, trustable and ads free application.

DNS66 – Block Ads

DNS66 is one of the most well-liked repository primarily based Ad Blocker App for Android. The DNS66 creates an encrypted server filtering all kind of Ads from intrusive Ads, Pop Ads, Web Ads, App Ads, etc.

Download the App DNS66 from F-Droid and open the App, then click on Domain Filters Adaway Host Files. Tap the ability icon on the home screen of the App and download any missing files if prompted. Done! Adblock activated.

Some Apps might not be that threatening to Play Store or its ToS however they simply cannot grab there spot within the marketplace owing to its nature, below are such that are very needed however the web big abstinence it.


Bromite looks and runs specifically like Chrome Browser because it is created on the chromium API project and developed by the freelance developers. Therefore, you’ll be able to expect no compromisation within the speed of browsing. The app aims at providing no-clutter browsing expertise while not privacy-invasive options and with the addition of a quick ad-blocking engine.

Mods are the powerful applications that keep the first nature of the App and provide options that either paid or extremely demanded.

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