5 Best Apps for Cleaning Services in India 2017

5 Best Apps for Cleaning Services in India 2017

5 Best Apps for Cleaning Services in India 2017: In the current world of technology, we are very much busy doing the work and other activities, that we hardly get time to clean our house. Day by day various duties such as Office work, looking after children or elders is increasing, due to which we are not able to give time to our house. However, if we choose to clean our house, then other activities will get undone.

5 Best Apps for Cleaning Services in India 2017
5 Best Apps for Cleaning Services in India 2017

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How can we keep ourselves free from household chores? In the current world, there is a trend to hire professionals for these tasks. Hiring for all such services has now become easy as compared to earlier. You don’t have to go out and search for maids. Now, you have to just Download the app and all of your needs will be fulfilled.

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All these Housekeeping services have a special benefit that is you can hire services at your convenient time. All these maids are professional and they provide very nice service. When you hire these services, you will be to deviate your time on various other activities.

You might be wondering, how I will be able to hire these services? Don’t worry, here we will provide you the list of Best Cleaning Apps in India.

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5 Best Cleaning Apps in India 2017

1. UrbanClap

UrbanClap is the most popular app available in the market. It’s a one stop solution not only for all of your household services but also any essential doorstep services. UrbanClap consists of about 44 professional services which cover a wide range of categories such as home services, yoga instructor, events and wedding planner, guitar teacher, interior designer, etc.

This app will be useful for all the ladies, as they don’t need to rush to the parlor. They can just hire a Beautician and also keep an eye on their child. In order to get any service, you have to open the app, hire any service you want and they will take care of work itself. You don’t need to provide any tools, they come with their requirements and complete the work professionally.

So for whom are you waiting? Install the app, then finish all of your tasks. All the services are available at a very affordable price.

Location: Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, & Kolkata.
Download: Android | iOS

2. Zimmber

Zimmber is one of the most popular apps in the market. Every now and then, wires get burnt, tap leaks, AC stops working, Carpet gets dirty, Electrical devices stop working, and you don’t know what to do. So you start looking for a person which helps in all such conditions. For all these services, we need an expert, which solves your issue professionally. Hence, this is the best app.

Using this app, you will be able to complete all the house cleaning and repair services. They provide services at the most reliable price.

Location: Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai
Download: Android | iOS

3. Gapoon

Gapoon is a new app which is arrived in the market, but it provides the best services as compared to rest of the market. Gapoon can also be considered as the one-stop solution for all of your household maintenance services.

Gapoon provides a wide range of home services such as Carpenter, deep house cleaning, Painter, Pest Control, electrical devices Installation, and Repairing, etc. Using this app, you will be able to hire an expert at your convenient time. Moreover, it also provides 30-Days service warranty period to all the customers.

Location: Bangalore
Download: Android

4. HouseJoy

HouseJoy is yet another well-known app for all the household services. It provides various household services such as Electrical Installation and Repairing, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting, Pest Control, Beauty Services, etc. All the professionals complete the work in a structured way.

HouseJoy is being trusted by more than 1 lakh Indians. They provide great service at a reliable price.

Location: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, NCR
Download: Android | iOS

5. Skiwee

Skiwee is a new app arrived in the market. Skiwee provides all kind of household services. Skiwee consists of simple three step booking process to hire professional. Skiwee provides various services such as Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, House Cleaning, Pest Control, Painting, etc.

It Consists team of well-trained professionals which offers great service at the most reliable price.

Location: Chennai
Download: Android | iOS

The trend of cleaning services apps in India has been grown since last one year. All these services are started to make your life hassle-free. So, download any of the apps from the list and start living a comfortable life.

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We hope that you liked our list of 5 Best Cleaning Services Apps in India 2017. If you liked it, then please share with your family and friends.

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