5 combinations of clothing and jewelry for you to try out

jewelry and clothing

Jewelry is one of the most essential components of any woman’s outfit. It is therefore an important task to make sure you pair up the right set of jewelry with the right set of clothes. A properly matched set of jewelry enhances the overall outlook of any outfit and helps a woman to stand out.

jewelry and clothing


Following are the important combinations of jewelry with clothing for you to try out:

  1. Layering: Layering can be a very good choice if one is trying to match up multiple jewelry with bright colored clothes. The key aspect of layering is using multiple jewelry pieces such as nose jewelry, rings, bangles and necklaces to create multiple layers of jewelry to draw attention. It is preferable that the jewelry pieces are brightly colored and of different shapes, in order to compliment the colorful nature of the outfit. One can also go with different earring styles if they have multiple ear piercings or opt for multi layered necklaces to enhance the layering
  2. Keeping it minimalistic: On the opposite side of the scale is the minimalistic approach. It is not always prudent to use excessive jewelry, if the outfit doesn’t call for it. Sometimes the best way to make the outfit stand out is to make sure minimal attention is provided to the jewelry. This can be done with simple stud earrings, narrow chain lockets to enhance the neckline and avoiding other accessories such as bangles or rings.
  3. All about the earrings: On certain occasions, the outfit is such that a necklace or bangles doesn’t quite go with it. In such cases, the way to accessorize is to go with statement earrings. This can be done by either going with stud earrings with prominent designs or studded gems, or by going with larger hoop earrings which make the ears prominent.
  4. Mixing jewelry of different metals: It is often considered as a rule of thumb to go with jewelry of the same color or at least made from the same metal for a single outfit. If one is looking to set the trend and experiment, going with jewelry from multiple metals can be a good start. Matching up goal chain necklace with a silver pearl earring sand studded platinum bracelets can be stunning additions to any outfit. One can mix and match the metal selection for the different jewelry and figure out the combination which works best. Mellora has a wide collection of jewelry of different types for customers to browse from.
  5. Make those rings prominent: One of the disadvantages with full sleeve outfits is that it takes away most of the space off accessorizing your hands, like bangles etc. One option in such cases is to go with statement rings. Rings with prominent designs and often studded with precious gems can complement such outfits and draw attention to your hands with ease.

Creating the perfect outfit can be a cumbersome task but with the help of the right accessories, one can turn any outfit into a one that catches the eyes of everyone in the room.

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