5 Games Based On Movies That Are Good, Actually

In the dizzying world of video games and online games, you’ll easily find a game that conforms to just about any niche that you could imagine. You’ll find games where you can roleplay as an animal, such as Goat Simulator, games where you play as a loaf of bread (see the aptly named I Am Bread), and even a game where you play a dog that must learn how to rap.

One of the most well-worn genres of games that has somewhat faded from public consciousness in recent years is the classic movie video game. These are online games and video games that are based entirely on a popular movie (not a movie based on a video game, which is arguably a more popular form of entertainment).

Some games based on movies have been rightly panned as cheap and rushed attempts to capitalise on the success of a popular film. However, some titles do occasionally manage to get it right. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite games based on movies that are actually pretty good. 

1. Marvel’s Avengers

Given the sprawling size of the multi-billion-dollar Marvel empire, you can bet that there are a ton of Marvel video games available that allow you to explore every aspect of the MCU. While some are not even worth the bytes of memory that they consume, there are a few diamonds in the rough that will please any fan of the franchise. Chief among these is Marvel’s Avengers, a 2020 release that takes all of the main Avengers squad and allows you to pick and choose your fighter in a sprawling story mode that offers endless hours of entertainment. Instead of just aping the original Avengers films, this one takes the various elements from the MCU and crafts an entirely new story arc, one that feels considered and rich. 

2. Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Another superhero/antihero franchise that has evolved into a global media empire, it should come as no surprise that the Suicide Squad series has now officially branched out into the world of games. The fanbase is eagerly awaiting the release of the first full-fledged game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, in 2022. Until then, there are a couple of highly worthwhile contenders to try out. There is the mobile/Apple TV FPS Suicide Squad: Special Ops, which puts you in the shoes of the whole squad in a gloriously violent ode to the original film. Then, of course, there is the official Suicide Squad slot game. Now available on online gambling platforms, many of which allow you to play the game for free via a no deposit welcome bonus, the official Suicide Squad slot from award-winning developer Playtech is designed with the fans in mind. The 5-reel, 50 pay-line slot puts you into the shoes of all of the main cast, with Harley Quinn naturally taking the lead role as you spin the reels in the hopes of winning real cash prizes.

3. Golden Eye 007

This is one that often tops lists of best video games based on movies, and for good reason. While there are now dozens of James Bond games in existence, this is probably the only one that has managed to stand the test of time. This classic N64 game pretty much acts as a playthrough of the original Pierce Brosnan movie, while somehow managing to be much, much better, with hilarious writing and then-unheard-of stealth mechanics. In addition, Golden Eye 007 was the first game to ever bring split-screen deathmatch gameplay to our screens, allowing co-op shoot-em-ups that served as the blueprint for every similar game since. 

4. The Warriors

The Warriors 

Probably a contender for the weirdest choice of video game based on a movie ever, the 2005 Warriors video game is one that is heavily based on the cult classic Walter Hill film of the same name. While most movie videogames attempt to capitalise on the hype of a current film, this one was released a full 26 years after the original movie, meaning that it missed the mark a little bit. Nonetheless, the game turned out to be an absolute smash, featuring addictive fighting mechanics, richly-sketched-out simulacra of 1970s New York, and lovingly rendered characters that can make you forget how weird the game you are playing actually is. 

5. Friday the 13th 

There are good games, bad games, and absolutely balls to the wall insane games that defy both rhyme and reason. This is the category that the 2017 Friday the 13th game falls into. Based entirely on the original movie, this incredibly gory slasher game takes you back to 1970s Camp Crystal, where Jason Vorhees is once again on the loose. What makes this game so great is just how tongue-in-cheek it all is, with no shortage of dry references to 1980s horror culture and the gaping plot holes of the original films. What’s more, you can also choose to play as the masked killer himself, just in case you are starting to get tired of being the plucky victim.

These are the games based on movies that are most definitely worth your time. If you love the movies these are based on, we guarantee you will love the games even more. 

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