5 Reasons why InVideo is the Best Video Editing Software for Windows

InVideo is the Best Video Editing Software for Windows

With videos becoming an integral part of every branding/marketing strategy in today’s times; it is high time that you have your own go-to free video editing software for windows ready! Thankfully, for you, InVideo brings to you an ultimate experience of video editing with remarkable results as good as any professionally created videos.

InVideo helps you with making videos for your business purposes, education purposes or personal purpose such as creating and storing memories for life. It goes without saying that videos are one of the most effective tools of communication and helps in establishing and registering a number of different types of information and messages. Tutorial videos with a creative touch are the talk of the town today and can easily be created using InVideo- the best free video editing software for windows 7.

One of the best things about this free video editing software for windows 10 is that unlike other software of the similar segment it offers free signing up and usage.

Let us look at other amazing features which will later confirm that InVideo is the best free video editing software for windows 7:

3 million + stock footage library and more than 1200 readymade video templates

If you are a video maker or soon going to be one, you will surely understand the importance of stock footages and readymade templates. These are exclusive tools for any video maker that will enhance the overall output quality. InVideo offers the most comprehensive range possible for choosing from the stock images, video footages, or audio/music files. Also, the video templates will add a very professional touch to your videos. No other free video editing software for windows offers these many stock footage access to customers for free.

Automated text to speech and automated voice-overs

Text to speech, often abbreviated as TSS is a type of speech synthesis which converts all form of text into spoken voice input. TSS is beneficial in video making because of the scripts. Moreover, the automated voice overs feature of InVideo is the cherry on the cake. It makes your job of finding the ideal voiceover to match your video script very simple. Additionally, the voiceovers created are very much human-like which is intended to convert any script to the best quality of human-like voice overs. Voice modulations and voice control along with multilingual voice options is one of the most popular features of this free video editing software for windows.

24X7 extensive customer support

Understandably, if you are not a professional video maker, and you have recently started making or editing videos, you are surely going to need assistance at one step or the other. With InVideo’s in-house 24X7 customer support, your worries can now rest at bay. Even if you are not a pro at video making, we will make sure that you learn all the techniques and tricks of video making with ease. InVideo will turn you into a video editing pro in no time.

The option of making videos in regional language

How good is that!? A free video editing software for windows 7 that will not just take care of the professional voice overs but also voices in the regional languages. This feature has become quite a hit among all the users of InVideo and we have received so much positive feedback for this one. Our customers are actually thanking us for this. You should try making a video in your regional language too! Easy and quick.  If you are using mac, you should check out this list of free editing software for mac os x and you should be able to get things going.

Unlimited team members

If you are making videos as a part of your professional job work or are working in a team, you will need more than one access to the video edits. InVideo offers the option of adding unlimited team members to every project that you work on- this will not just be easy for you but also for your team.

InVideo is the ideal free video editing software for windows 10 that is exceptionally curated for anybody who understands the importance of having professional videos. All your needs and concerns have been not just understood but also addressed in the software. Not to mention that it is exceptionally easy to understand and learn.

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