5 Terrific Tips for Shopify SEO

5 Terrific Tips for Shopify SEO

5 Terrific Tips for Shopify SEO  

Are your Shopify store’s sales not meeting your expectations? If so, then there are various steps and approaches you can take to achieve that goal. Last year, Australians made about 30% of their purchases online, according to Which-50. This situation provides a massive opportunity to sell your products on one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. One of the best options is Shopify SEO, and it’s also critical to know some of the top methods to provide the best results: 

Optimise Images

While adding images to your Shopify store, it’s also critical to optimise them. When selecting pictures, it’s important to include information like alt tags with applicable keywords. This increases the chance that images for your products’ images like “rugby jerseys” or “bbq grills” will appear if Aussies search online for such items. 

This approach helps combine the elements of science and art. It starts with an eye-catching image, but it’s just as important to boost the image’s rankings in search results to make your Shopify store more visible. 

Integrate Google Analytics

This is a valuable tool for tracking and reporting web traffic. It’s imperative in specific sectors like fashion and apparel, which made up over one-third of Australia’s online purchases in 2019, according to Janio. One of the main features of this tool is it’s free.

However, it also offers several features to analyse shoppers’ behaviour when they visit your site. You can learn some important statistics like the average time visitors spend on a particular blog post. 

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, making Google Analytics one of the essential tools for SEO experts.  

Remove Duplicate Content

Make sure that your online store doesn’t have content that’s located on any other web pages. This includes content from your Shopify website or another website. 

This can cause a lot of problems related to search engines like Google and Yahoo. It doesn’t matter if the content is duplicated internally or externally. The main takeaway is it will probably hurt your search engine rankings, which you’ll want to avoid. 

The key is to take steps to make sure your store’s content is 100% unique. You have several plagiarism checkers to select from. While Copyscape is probably the most well-known one, there are several good options to avoid duplicate content.  

Add Technical SEO

This is where you can get tremendous help from an SEO specialist. It involves search engine optimisation that excludes the store’s content. The webmaster needs to use proper search engine guidelines for different elements related to Google Search and others. 

As the term suggests, these are technical issues that an SEO expert will have a working knowledge about. However, it’s still important to learn the basics to determine which elements you want to include for your Shopify store. 

Build Quality Backlinks

It’s also important to build quality backlinks that connect to your Shopify store. This is a critical feature that should be combined with content and technical SEO. The key is to target traffic to a typical customer who would most likely buy your Shopify products.

When designing or upgrading your Shopify store, these are some of the top tips for optimising Shopify SEO. They include ones like original content, technical SEO, and original content. It’s a good investment when competing in Australia’s 10th-ranked (2019) eCommerce market.

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