5 Unique Ways to pick a table lamp

One of the most important items for home decoration is the lighting arrangement. As the world gets swooned by the dazzling chandeliers and the pendant lights with a touch of creativity, table lamps have quite receded into the oblivion. However, if you intend to elevate your home décor to a higher notch, an elegant table lamp is the most affordable option for lights. To choose the perfect table lamp, a bit of expertise is needed. Here are a few tips.

  • Determine the height: An important factor is choosing the height of the lamp. The height is usually conditioned by factors such as space and the surrounding decoration. Whereas a table lamp for bedroom is generally short, a living room lamp is comparatively taller. The thumb rule is to select a lamp where the bottom of the shade is at the level of the eye. This is the base measurement and following this will ensure that the table lamp perfectly fits the space where you are going to place it.
  • Experiment with the style: While you might wonder if a table lamp really has a style of its own, the fact is that they actually have it. Lamps come in various choices such as contemporary, vintage, modern and global. For soothing the eye, transparent or translucent bases are preferable, while antique brass and nickel will add a traditional appeal to your lounging room. The lamp should match the object on which it sits. For example, the space age table lamp would give an updated appearance to your kid’s study table for bed but would look extremely out of place on that rich Victorian era parlor table.
  • Carefully select the lamp shade: Shades determine how much of light is diffused through the room. For ambient light, choose shades with a lighter hue, while darker, opaque shades are suited for watching television or to ring a dramatic effect to the room.
  • Be specific about the bulb: If the lamp is to be placed on a study table for bed, a light bulb with a wattage of more than sixty would be advisable. Modern-day table lamps, however, no longer use CFLs but LED lights for less consumption of power. You can choose a dimmable bulb for more flexibility.
  • Try mixing and matching: The table lamp should be in synchronization with the adjacent lighting of your room. You can opt for a base color that matches the wallpaper of the room. Accented lighting that highlights specific features of the home decoration for a unique appeal.

The right kind of table lamp should be both functional and appealing. Try these five unique tips to choose the perfect lamp that will suit your space, be it a table lamp for bedroom or for the drawing room. If rightly placed, a table lamp can accentuate the symmetry, contrast and texture of the room. Choose from a wide assortment of styles and shades available and illuminate your perfect home.

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