6 Ways to Feed Your Family For Less

6 Ways to Feed Your Family For Less: It is no secret that the cost of living has increased raised considerably in the last few years which is why more of us are turning towards more affordable means of feeding the family. There is no better time like the present to begin to alter the way that you shop and eat so that you are better equipped at managing your month budget whilst also preparing healthy and nutritious meals for your family. If you are really short of money you can, of course, seek emergency funds from a LoanPig payday lender; however, we would recommend that you seek changing your shopping habits before overspending.

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6 Ways to Feed Your Family For Less

  1. Plan ahead of time

One of the most important methods that help to decrease the amount you spend on food is being able to plan your finances and spending out properly. It is important to consider what you already have in the house and think about what meals you will need to prepare and what ingredients you will need to purchase. Through planning your shop out you will be better able to budget for the month overall and save money on the things you buy to feed your family on a weekly basis too.

  1. Stick to the list

When it comes to doing your weekly or monthly food shop, the key to shopping successfully and saving money is all in the art of being able to only buy the things that you need. Take for example when you pass the bakery isle and get drawn to buy cookies when you really came to that particular isle to buy bread? While buying cookies may not be considered to be a huge splurge, if you do this during each shop you do end up spending far more than you really need to.

  1. Compare prices

Through using independent comparison sites such as MySupersmarket.com you will be able to easily compare the price of products in some of the key online supermarkets. This allows you to save time on your shopping and save you some crucial pennies at the same time.

  1. Make a note of featured recipes

You may have already noticed that supermarkets feature recipes on their websites but how many of you actually look and take note of the recipes on offer? Be sure to take note of the recipes you find online as they can offer you some great new ideas to spice up your cooking and produce cheap meals too!

  1. Sell by vs. use by

We are all guilty of throwing away food that it’s past its sell by date when really we should be more focused on using food within its use by date. The sell by date is an indicator of when the product should be sold by the supermarket whereas the use by date is for the consumer so that they know when the item should be eaten by.

  1. Pick wisely

The most common and most popular pieces of meat and fish tend to be the most expensive which is why it is recommended that you explore moving away from staples such as salmon etc. and pick cheaper alternatives that take just as good! The same goes for pieces of meat- you could soon find yourself opting for more affordable cuts that produce less waste but need a little more cooking time.

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