A Brief Guide on Coronavirus Health Insurance

Coronavirus Health Insurance

COVID-19 outbreak has turned our lives upside down and made the whole world go into lockdown. The last year has been challenging in healthcare, jobs, and basic facilities such as shelter etc. With the second deadly wave of COVID-19 infiltering India, it is time to rethink health insurance. In such uncertain times, one should be prepared to deal with the worse. Therefore, it is vital to take COVID-19 health insurance in addition to your typical health insurance for extra coverage and financial safety. 

What Is Coronavirus Health Insurance?

A coronavirus health insurance is created to cover the medical cost of COVID-19 treatment. Also, it provides coverage to the insured on hospitalization due to any disease except for critical illnesses. A policyholder may not have to invest in an additional policy if already covered under a comprehensive health insurance plan that includes viral infections such as COVID-19. Such policy will pay off pre and post hospitalization expenses inclusive of in-out patient expenses. Additionally, the coverage will be available from the day the policyholder gets diagnosed with coronavirus. It is a new disease and cannot be included in the pre-existing illness list.

What Are the Benefits of Coronavirus Health Insurance?

The major benefits of COVID-19 health insurance are equivalent to a standard health policy.

Hospitalization: Extensive coverage is available for coronavirus treatment at no additional cost in case of hospitalization.

Home Treatment: You will be surprised to know that many policies cover the in-home treatment of COVID-19 if suggested and administered by a doctor.

Consumable Expenses: The cost for necessities such as masks, gloves, PPE kits, ventilators and oxygen concentrators are covered in coronavirus health policy.

Cashless Treatment: Almost all types of policy offer the ease of cashless treatment of coronavirus as one cannot arrange money due to isolation.

Add-On Covers: COVID-19 policies are aimed at covering hospitalization expenses. Therefore, one can make it more exhaustive by getting add-on covers.

Quick Disbursal: This is one of the significant benefits of coronavirus health insurance; a policyholder gets the claim amount quickly to ease the financial burden of treatment.

What Are the Different Types of Coronavirus Health Insurance?

According to the IRDAI guidelines, two types of health insurance were launched for the treatment of COVID-19. The terms of the policy are consistent across all the health insurance companies in India. All the medical expenses of COVID-19 treatment are covered within these insurances.

Corona Kavach Policy

It is a standard health insurance plan for coronavirus that offers coverage for hospitalization expenses, ambulance cost, consumables, home treatment expenses etc. The sum insured ranges from fifty thousand to five lakhs. You can also take family health insurance under the corona kavach policy. It pays for Ayush treatment as well in India.

Corona Rakshak Policy

It is a specific health insurance policy for COVID-19 and covers a minimum of 72 hours of hospitalization and more as per the COVID-19 treatment. Corona rakshak policy provides insurance to individuals aged between 18 to 65. The sum insured varies from 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs. People with comorbidity are also covered on the payment of additional premium.


COVID-19 treatment cost can vary depending on the severity and tenure of stay at the hospital. Hence, an individual should get coverage for themselves and their family to fight coronavirus in case of uncertainty. Choose a coronavirus health insurance as per your preference and safeguard yourself from any financial scarcity.

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