A Guide to Deploying a Fleet Surveillance System for Vehicles

A Guide to Deploying a Fleet Surveillance System for Vehicles

Proper fleet management is essential. It entails numerous operations such as vehicle tracking, driver monitoring and training, passenger counting, vehicle maintenance and repair, and surveillance of vehicles. For now, we will focus on fleet surveillance, which is very necessary for all companies whether big or small.

Fleet owners and managers have a plethora of options to successfully deploy a surveillance system for their vehicles. However, one ought to know the right steps for doing this. So, here is an invaluable guide for you.

Understand What Is Trending

Detailed research will show you what is currently trending in fleet surveillance systems. You will not fail to notice that current cameras are now linked to GPS and transmit data in real time. You will also notice that both the hardware and software used in surveillance have numerous features that you need to understand.

Essentially, you should be in a position to match your company’s needs with the available features in a fleet surveillance system. If need be, look for a consultant to take you through this process.

Make a Plan

Whether you are about to install a fleet surveillance system for a new company or are just changing the system for an existing company, you must have a plan. This entails everything that you intend to do, which means that the points we are going to discuss below are covered in the plan.

Things like the budget, the appropriate experts to conduct the installation, and the supplier of the devices and their testing should all be included here. Then, you will have an easy time deploying this system.

Buy from a Reputable Source

If you want to deploy a fleet surveillance system successfully, you have to purchase both hardware and software from a reputable source. The hardware includes cameras, DVRs, EyeNet routers, and the connecting cables just to mention a few. The software depends on the solution provider, but it should correspond to the hardware.

These experts also install the solution in your vehicles either for free or at a discounted cost. The good thing about using the same experts is that they understand their solution better, and results will be very smooth.

Testing the Fleet Surveillance System

The testing phase is the moment of truth. It is time to learn whether things will work out well for you or not. Often, this phase is still closely monitored by the experts so that they can adjust everything accordingly. There will be a lot of changes before they can allow you to document procedures that are working well for your company. Therefore, this phase should not be rushed, but on the other hand, it should not take forever.


Deploying a fleet surveillance system is not all that hard. If you have successfully deployed other systems in your fleet company, then this will also be smooth. Additionally, the above guide will be of help to any fleet owner or manager who is tasked with deploying the surveillance solution. Follow it today, and you will not regret it.

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