Key Advantages of Using Shisha Pens (2019)

Shisha pens are the new trend for party-poppers and other individuals who are looking to have an amazing nicotine-free smoking experience.

Shisha pens are small cigarette-shaped gadgets that are vaporize flavored liquids for the enjoyment of the user. They are just like electronic cigarettes only that e-cigarettes are reusable and are used by a user to get kicks of nicotine into the body.

Shisha pens are perfect for on-the-go experience as they are portable and easy to use.

The next time you step into a store, make sure to consider these advantages below to put your mind at ease that you are making an informed decision with every shisha pen purchase.

  • No toxins

One of the key advantages of investing in a shisha pen is that it does not produce harmful toxins as traditional hookah. When inhaled, a clear and pure vapor is formed. This vapor does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine or any other harmful substances that are produced when hookah or tobacco cigarettes are burned.

Since it is these harmful substances that are associated with various health complications, the use of shisha pens may be deemed as safe.

  • No nicotine

Nicotine is a drug, mostly found in conventional cigarettes, e-liquids, as well as in hookah. It is highly addictive but not harmful by itself.

The good news is that the liquid used in e-shisha does not contain any nicotine. As such, it can be used by people who are not nicotine fans. 

Shisha pens offer an avenue where you can enjoy an occasional smoke without the fear you might get hooked on nicotine.

  • No smoke restrictions

As stated earlier, shisha pens only produce a vapor when inhaled, unlike traditional cigarettes that produce smoke. Therefore, e-shisha can be enjoyed in places where there are legal restrictions on the use of tobacco.

What’s more, shisha pens allow a user to discreetly smoke in social gatherings without attracting major attention.

  • No passive smoking

One of the reasons why tobacco cigarettes have frowned in several places is because they produce smoke that lingers for a while, affecting non-smokers.

With shisha pens, the vapor produced dissipates in seconds eliminating any ‘second-hand smoke’ that might be inhaled by others. This is the sole reason why e-shishas are not banned in places where tobacco smoking is banned.

  • No lingering smells

Tobacco smokers can be identified as the moment they step into a room.

You would ask, how?

Tobacco produces tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals that have a bad smell. This smell stains clothes, hair, and personal stuff among other things, making you smell of smoke hours after consumption.

However, this is not the case with shisha pens. E-shisha do not contain these harmful smelly substances, so none of your stuff will rig of smoke.

  • They are cheaper

Shisha pens are disposable. This is one of the reasons why they are affordable.

Additionally, shisha pens provide an average of 600 puffs before they are thrown out. Putting that into account, you will notice that, e-shisha is much more affordable than conventional cigarettes, hookah tobacco, or even e-cigarettes.

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