Amazon Echo speakers with Alexa to be launched in India

Amazon Echo speakers with Alexa to be launched in India

Amazon Echo speakers with Alexa to be launched in India: All the major E-Commerce Companies in India are gearing up their sales and services in India. Amongst them, Amazon India is very much popular. Amazon launched Prime video at the end of 2016. Later on, Amazon Fire TV Dongle was launched in this year. Now, Amazon Echo speakers with Alexa to be launched in India soon.

Amazon Echo speakers with Alexa

As per the latest report, Amazon is going to launch Amazon Voice Service with Alexa in India at the end of this year. Also, the company has started testing the product with special company executives and analysts. Before launching, Amazon is making sure that the device should be compatible with all the major Indian languages.

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Amazon Echo speakers with Alexa to be launched in India

Apart from this, the company is also testing some features such as booking a cab, to make an online purchase or to play your favorite music. In the report, they also mentioned that the device will initially understate the English. Later on, they will add other major languages such as Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. Also one of the sources revealed that Multilingual Interface is currently being developed and tested at Chennai.

Due to the language barrier, the Amazon Echo is to be made by considering large family structures along with the two-factor-authentication. First of all, Amazon wants to target 1% users having prime and then they want to increase its customer base.

“We expect Amazon to launch (Alexa and Echo) in the Indian market with very attractive pricing offers, in the beginning, a similar strategy used with Amazon Prime Video and something that worked well, “said one of the Senior Executive of Amazon. Later on, he added, “These offerings are likely to be linked with existing users of Amazon’s services in India, making it more appealing for them”.

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One of the professionals who is using Amazon Echo for a month said, “As of now, there is still a barrier to the extent of Alexa’s capabilities because you cannot use it to purchase groceries from a local store or book yourself an Uber”.

“However, when connected to your home Wi-Fi you can get Alexa to draft and send work emails, text messages, help children with their homework ranging from mathematics to history lessons, set up reminders, check food recipes, play music or a movie on Amazon Prime Video, and even do your shopping from Amazon”, the Businessman added.

By considering the growth of the Internet in India, Amazon first wants to introduce the services in Urban Area, who likely want to invest in the services with better broadband infrastructure. Later on, they will expand their market in the various medium as well as small size cities.

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