10 Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac of 2017

Best Android Emulator

10 Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac of 2017: If you want to run Android on Big Screen, then there are lots of Android Emulators available in the Market. It takes a lot of effort to select the Best Android Emulator. In order to make your task easy, here we will provide you the list of Top 10 Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac of 2017 available in the market. There are lots of reasons why you want to run Android Emulator on your PC. For Example, Android Developers can test their app in the emulator before deploying it or Gamers like to play Android games in Big Screen and much more.

Best Android Emulators
Android Emulators for PC and Mac

Most of the Android Emulators for PC and Mac are available free of cost. However, if you need extra features, then you need to spend your money. Please note, most of the Android Emulators don’t work in the same way as they are advertised. Hence, we have tested popular Android Emulators and have selected the best Android Emulators for you.

Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac of 2017

1. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

Remix OS is the best Android Emulator available for Windows. Remix OS is very much easy to install and consists of dual booting capability. Remix OS Player is a Windows-based Emulator which runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Some of the Essential requirements for Remix OS Player include “Virtualization Technology” should be enabled in your BIOS. Also, keep in mind that, Remix OS Player doesn’t run on some of the AMD Chipsets.

One of the best features of Remix OS Player is, it gives full access to Google Play Store. Also, emulator allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously without any hassle. As soon as you start the emulator, you will be greeted with amazing User-Interface. Also, emulator provides recommendations for trending as well as popular games for download.

All the developers will be able to test their Android apps in this emulator. If you are looking for the fresh and new emulator which runs on Marshmallow, then go for it.

Download: Remix OS Player

2. Memu Emulator

Memu Emulator

Memu is a powerful Android Emulator which runs on Android Lollipop. Initially, Memu Emulator comes preinstalled with Android Jellybean 4.2. Later, in order to upgrade to Lollipop, you will require additional packages. Menu Emulator can be installed on both Windows as well as Mac OS. Menu is compatible with both Intel as well as AMD Chipsets.

Memu comes preloaded with Google Play Store, hence you can download android apps and games as per your choice. Emulator associates itself with all the APK files installed on your computer. It also supports Keyboard mapping, hence you can assign certain keys to simulate touch in certain parts of your screen. On Menu, you can run Android games seamlessly.

Download: Memu Emulator

3. Nox Player

Nox Player

Nox Player is an amazing android emulator which is best suited for gamers. Nox Players consumers very less space. It works best on both Windows as well as Mac. The interface of the Nox Player is very addictive, after spending some time with the emulator, you will fall in love with it.

Nox Player provide lots of Customization features. Nox player supports Google Play Store. It supports Keyboard mapping and Script record functionality. Nox Player multiplayer feature, hence you will be able to run multiple games simultaneously. All the Android Developers will be able to use various skins, themes, and icon packs on Nox Player.

Download: Nox Player

4. BlueStacks


BlueStacks is the oldest and most popular Android Emulator available in the market. BlueStacks is compatible with both Windows and Mac. BlueStacks runs on Android 4.4 and it is one of the oldest Android Emulators. The popularity of BlueStacks has increased to a great extent and competition with other emulators is just started.

Like all other emulators, it comes preloaded with 2 million Android Apps and games. As compared to other apps, it provides various amazing features, such as live-stream to twitch and much more. BlueStacks also supports multitasking, hence you will feel the real android experience.

BlueStacks is available in two versions. Free and Paid. Free Version of BlueStacks comes with ads and also harass you to install sponsored apps. While premium version comes without ads and gives you best android experience.

Download: BlueStacks

5. AMIDuos


AMIDuos is a new Android Emulator in the market which provides two versions: Lollipop and Jelly Bean. You can use the free-trail for 30 days. After which, it costs $10 for Jellybean version and $15 for Lollipop version. Before using AMIDuos, please make sure that “Virtualization Technology” is enabled in your BIOS and also it has Microsoft Net Framework 4.0.

Duos come with Android Lollipop. Please note that AMIDuos doesn’t come preinstalled with Google Play Store. Duos come preinstalled with Amazon App Store. As we all know, there are not too many apps available in Amazon App Store, however, you can open any APK in AMIDuos. It supports one amazing feature called “root mode”. Thus, you will be able to run all the popular root apps for Android.

Download: AMIDuos

6. LeapDroid


Leapdroid is one of the most powerful Android Emulator. Leapdroid is officially shut down, but you can download the emulator from various third-party stores. Leapdroid provides Android 4.4 Kitkat and provides basic apps like browser, music, and camera, etc. On the home screen, you can view shortcuts to various popular games such as Clash of clans and Pokémon GO.

LeapDroid provides the option to choose Graphics rendering mode between OpenGL and DirectX. It also supports keyboard mapping, hence you can set keyboard shortcuts. Also, you can set gesture details and increase the pinch zoom using the scroll wheel of your mouse.

As said earlier, Leapdroid comes with Android 4.4 KitKat. Also, note that, as the company is shut down, there is no support available for this app. If you don’t have any issue searching for bugs on the internet, then you can surely go for it.

Download: LeapDroid

7. Genymotion


Genymotion provides the best user-friendly access to any platform. It is basically created for Development purposes, but you also use it for personal use also. Please note that, before downloading the emulator, you should have enabled “Virtualization Technology” on your BIOS and also installed the latest version of VirtualBox. Before downloading the app, you need to sign up for a new account.

Genymotion allows you to select any Android phone between Android 4.4 Kitkat to Nougat 7.0. Genymotion is widely preferred by Android Developers all over the Globe. Genymotion Free Version supports basic features such as GPS Coordinates, battery level, and camera. The premium version of the app offers such screencasting and remote controlling. Also, it supports IDE such as Eclipse, Android Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA.

Genymotion is widely used by Game Developers as well as App Developers to test apps on various versions.

Download: Genymotion

8. Andy


Andy is one of the most popular Android Emulator. Andy gives a strong competition to popular Emulators like BlueStacks. The Emulator offers amazing android experience in various popular games, productivity apps as well as launchers. Andy is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac.

Andyroid comes with inbuilt Google Play Support. Andy is very much responsive and doesn’t require any high-end system in order to run apps smoothly.

Download: Andy

9. KO Player

KO Player

KoPlayer is a fresh and new Android Emulator. It is specially developed to gain the attraction of gamers. KoPlayers supports wired/ wireless keyboard, mouse, and keyboards. Unfortunately, KoPlayer is currently only available for Android users.

To use KoPlayer, “Virtualization Technology” should be enabled in your BIOS. It is compatible with both AMD and Intel Processors. It is a Good Android Emulator.

Download: KO Player

10. Droid 4x

Droid 4x

If you are looking for a Classic Android Emulator, then go for Droid 4x. It provides very simple and intuitive design. Droid 4x Emulator provides lag-free operation. Also, Droid 4x provides touch-free support, hence you will get true android experience. Droid 4x is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac.

Download: Droid 4x

We hope that you liked our list of 10 Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac of 2017. Now, feel free to share this list with your friends and followers.

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