How to Build a Custom TV Lift

How to Build a Custom TV Lift

Want to build an automated TV lift? There is nothing more simple than that. If only you were obedient enough to follow the next pieces of advice and steps. Want to have a motorized TV lift cabinet? No problem. If only you visited a website So let’s move on and build a TV lift. Ready? You are welcome to this article. Here are the steps:

How to Build a Custom TV Lift

Step #1

Build the box. Install the lift just to see how it works. Build a little tray and attach it to the back of the cabinet. Reinstall the mechanism. Make sure you like the way it works. Attach the manual, also, with up and down switch. Install the lift and drop the lift with two pins. Use the screw to hold the lift in place. You can level the lift by lifting the screw and adjusting the allow keys on the inside. Give it a quick cast. As soon as it works really well, you can remove the lift and continue to work on the cabinet.

Step #2

To dress up the cabinet, please prepare the material to place on the sides of the cabinet. Put the face frames together using the Kreg Jig. Now attach the face frames to the side of the cabinet. Make sure the face frames are on the top and to the sides. Attach the face frames to the back using the wood glue. Put the face frame to the front. Screw all the cabinet around. Cut the plugs because sometimes they can break off.

Step #3

Make taper molding. Start trimming up the cabinet. Attach the bead molding on the front of the cabinet. Make sure the screws do not hurt the nails that you are using to attach the molding. Make the front doors. Draw lines with a stick where the hinges will be. Transfer those lines from the stick to the face nail.

Step #4

Cut up the first and the second morris. You have to go real slow the morris. Take time when you cut the morris. Put steel screw together and once you finish, use the breast screws.

Step #5

Switch on the mechanism by pushing the button and test it out.

What are the advantages of creating such a mechanism?

  1. It is comfortable to utilize the TV whenever and wherever you want. The mechanism is simple and works easily.
  2. It is simple to operate the TV lift. You can just use a remote control or switch the button manually to get it started.
  3. There is no need to get oppressed with the extra initiative because all it is done for you to enjoy the process of watching TV.

What are the cons of installing such a tool?

  1. It might frighten you at first to pick up and get used to the idea that your TV box will be so huge from now on.
  2. The cabinet may scare your dog. However, later on, they will even begin to play with the device.
  3. It might take time to prepare such a mechanism for usage, but once you do it, you will be thankful to yourself for doing it.

All in all, do you still hesitate to get or not this stuff? Hurry up, because the shop will be closed soon (this is a joke). Today, more and more people are beginning to install TV lifts, so you would better speed yourself up and purchase one of this kind. Definitely, you will enjoy either the process of building a TV lift and using it, in the aftermath.

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