Business Growth Pushes vCloudPoint to Take One Step Ahead

Business Growth Pushes vCloudPoint to Take One Step Ahead

Business Growth Pushes vCloudPoint to Take One Step Ahead

Due to business growth, vCloudPoint has moved its Guangzhou Sales & Marketing Center to a bigger and brighter location at Yushu Industrial Park in Science City, merely a mile south of the previous site at Science Information Mansion. 

This new office is accompanied by a larger test lab, showroom and an open cafe zone for better customer service.

Business Growth Pushes vCloudPoint to Take One Step Ahead

vCloudPoint is a technology provider delivering centralized desktop computing solutions combined with desktop management software and zero client devices to organization customers. vCloudPoint solutions allow multiple users to simultaneously work on a centralized server/ PC host, helping them reduce costs, simplify management, enhance security and boost productivity on desktop computing. Their main products nowadays include shared computing(RDS), and virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI).

The technology behind the vCloudPoint solutions is Remote Desktop Services. RDS, the terminal services in Windows Server 2008 and the earlier version, is one of the components of Microsoft Windows that allow users to control a remote computer or virtual machine based on a network connection. 

RDS is Microsoft’s implementation of thin client, where Windows software and the entire computer desktops running RDS are able to gain access to a remote client machine. And the machine supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Only software user interfaces are transferred to the client system with RDS. All input from the client system would be transmitted to the server, where software execution takes place.


In the year 2019, vCloudPoint has gained significant sales achievements. Because of the customer-centric, quality-oriented, and usability-driven core values they have been stuck on, vCloudPoint set itself apart from the other competitors. As a result, its sales revenue has grown by 86%. What turns out even more worth mentioning is that they grew mainly based on the customer satisfaction guarantee and customer referral. 

Besides, since the vCloudPoint Partner Program provides dedicated resources and expertise to help their partners succeed and thrive in the desktop computing market. The vCloudPoint achieved the performance of channel partners’ growth by 34%. Meanwhile, all authorized vCloudPoint partners could have access to a wealth of knowledge and tools. 

vCloudPoint Partner Program

If you take a glance at the vCloudPoint story, you would realize all of these successes come out without surprise.

The vCloudPoint Company was founded in 2013 in Shenzhen, China, by a team of 4 people. With an aim to make desktop computing extremely simple and affordable, they continued to break through the difficulty occurring in technologies and methodologies. 

At that time, RDS is designed mainly for remote systems access and administration. When it comes to a full desktop delivery, organizations may find problems, such as poor desktop performance, multi-user problems, etc. vCloudPoint thought they could do more with RDS and then took strides to improve RDS in a centralized computing environment. In 2015 in Guangzhou, the first zero client S100 model and vmatrix software released, a business center being founded. 

The vCloudPoint Company has achieved several improvements in the existed industry, such as DDP (Dynamic Desktop Protocol) for a full desktop experience, Zero Client Devices to free endpoint maintenance, innovations to solve issues in the multi-user environment, a visual console to manage remote users and devices with ease. 

With these technologies, vCloudPoint can help customers achieve a higher ROI of computing spendings by slashed costs, centralized management, improved productivity, optimized workspace, etc. With all those histories, no wonder vCloudPoint has enlarged itself to own 50+ employees by 2020.

New address as a fresh start for more progress, the vCloudPoint would take its advantages in the innovative and connective era to bring more benefits and comforts to its customers. They won’t cease taking steps forwards, and nor do we. If you want to take advantages of the remote desktop services, you might think about  vCloudPoint.

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