Facebook Messenger Lite launched in India


Facebook Messenger Lite launched in India: Facebook has finally launched Messenger Lite app in India for all the Android users. The Messenger lite app is available on Google Play Store.

Unlike Facebook Messenger, this app is specially developed to attract all the users with slow internet speeds. Also, to gain the attraction of old as well as entry-level smartphones. The issue of Slow Internet Connectivity has affected all the users in India.

Facebook Messenger Lite launched in India

Facebook Messenger Lite launched in India
Facebook Messenger Lite launched in India

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Here’s the deal:

The size of the new Messenger lite app is just 10MB, which is way too less as compared to Facebook Messenger which has 40MB size on Android and has about 300MB size on iOS.

Messenger Lite consists of all the similar features as its successor such as send, receive texts, links, photos, emojis, and stickers. But, if you want to make Video calls or send money to your friends, then you have to use Facebook Messenger.

Want to know the best part?

From all around the world, more than 1 Billion people use Messenger every month. The app consists of users with various mobile users which various in the network as well as speed.

The company launched Facebook Lite in India and the in all the other countries. However, Facebook launched Messenger Lite first in different countries like Nigeria, Peru, Turkey, Vietnam, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.

You might be wondering:

Messenger Lite will gain the attraction of not only small users but all the big users too. The company is experimenting and increasing its features in the Messenger app. Due to this, users might get disturbed, so they might also shift to the lighter version. Currently, Facebook Messenger has more than 1.2 billion active users. Also, Facebook Lite has more than 200 million active users.

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