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feng shui fountain

There are many different forms of feng shui fountains and they work well as tabletop, wall-mounted, free-standing, and other water features for your home and surrounding areas. Nearly any fountain may be utilized for a feng shui element. There are many benefits of fountains including the powerful energy that water can emit inside or outside of a home. These also work well in offices and other work areas. Select the location that you want your Feng shui fountain to be placed carefully to ensure that you’ll get the most energy out of it and that you’ll prevent any imbalance or conflict.

feng shui fountain

The Benefits Of Feng Shui Fountains

Fountains are a very popular element of feng shui due to the energy that they can bring to the environment. Water is an ancient symbol in feng shui that signifies wealth as well as prosperity. The power of the water is enhanced by the fact that it can change from a liquid to a solid form and it denotes the freedom of movement and expression. Every living element on earth requires water for life. When water is activated into the environment the fountain will nourish the Chi energy and help the enhance the journey of life and foster a new beginning. It also promotes abundances as well as encourages more relaxation.

Selecting Your Feng Shui Fountain

In order for a fountain to work as an element of feng shui, it can be any style or type. In fact, there is no requirement for your fountain to appear Chinese or even Asian. It is important to select a fountain that will work in harmony with your decor.

Your fountain can be comprised of any material including metal, wood, stone, plastic, ceramic, concrete or any other composition.

Select a top quality fountain with a silent motor and a design that will be easy to keep clean. You’ll want to avoid any type of fountain that has sharp edges and corners. Smaller fountains that can’t hold a gallon of water will need to be topped off more frequently. Larger fountains will require less filling of the water receptacle.

One great way to improve the energy called Sheng Chi is to add in some feng shui stones or crystals to the basin of the fountain. There are also fountains that will disperse essential oils into the atmosphere as they work and help to change the environment as well.

Where To Place Your Fountain

It’s important to place your fountain according to the bagua or feng shui map for the energy of your space. This will help to interplay the five elements of feng shui. According to water walls seller Luxe Water Walls, these are east, southeast, and the northern areas of your home or your office.


This is where health and family come together. This is the bagua element of wood. The wood is nourished by the water element. This offers a physical as well as a spiritual and mental peace and harmony in the family unit.


Here the wealth and the money or abundance are sharing the wood element with the bagua area. When you select an area here, you’re going to find monetary wealth as well as abundance and lots of blessings.


Here you’ll find that the area is associated with your career and your path in life. This element is water perfect!

Where Not To Place A Feng Shui Fountain

Fountains can bring a lot of nourishment in energy to your home. It’s important to avoid south bagua areas such as the bedrooms, and underneath of stairwells or staircases.

It’s strongly advised against using the fountain and other water features in south areas due to the strong energy of the fire element. when you place water or fountains here, the bad feng shui and conflicting energy and water will put out the fire in the five elements of feng shui.

It’s also not wise to put your fountain in a bedroom, even if this is the right location of the home. The water element will bring the energy of worry and of sorry to the bedroom and may also complicate the health by causing other issues such as respiratory issues and cold viruses to enter the home. Never place the fountain below the bedroom (downstairs) or in a room that may be adjacent to the bedroom as the sound will carry while you’re sleeping and may keep you awake with worry and sorrow.

Lastly, never place the fountain underneath of a staircase or stairwell. This may promote negative energy that also leads to health issues and may also impart misfortune on the children who reside or visit the household.

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