Google will filter ads on Chrome from next year

Google will filter ads on Chrome from next year

Google will filter ads on Chrome from next year: Google has recently confirmed that its home browser Chrome will now have a built-in ad browser which will block all the ads that don’t fit into the certain criteria. The company has faced a lot of criticism regarding the placement of Annoying Ads from the market.

I was very much delighted by hearing this news that the world most renowned company, Google is looking forward to removing ads from its browser. Will other browsers also look forward to removing ads? We all don’t know? Let’s see what happens in the next year.

Google will filter ads on Chrome from next year

Google will filter ads on Chrome from next year

Google has started this initiative so that all the websites can display ads and remove all the annoying ads that are on their pages. Here, the Chrome’s ad blocker will not block all ads from the webpage. However, it will only block those ads on the pages with too many irritating ads which stops the video or which cover the entire web screen.

According to the report by Wall-Street Journal, Google is referring it as Ad Filter not as Ad Blocker, as Ads will be displayed on the page which is falling under the certain criteria.

Some of these ads types which will be blocked as per the report are pop-ups, videos, auto-play and all the prestitial ads which hold the users to wait for some time before loading the actual web page contents.

There are certain drawbacks of the building ad blocker in Chrome, as the Google will hold the sole responsibility for deciding which ads are relevant and which aren’t. Also, we should keep in mind that, the Company’s major revenue comes from ads. So by developing such criteria, Google will maintain its reputation in the market.

As per the reports, Sridhar Ramaswamy, the executive of Google ads, said, the main purpose of ad blocker is to make ads better, “We believe these changes will ensure all content creators, big and small, can continue to have a sustainable way to fund their work with online advertising”.

Thus, by implementing this, Google is trying to provide a better browsing experience to all the users.

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