A Guide To Choosing A Diamond Necklace


Nothing brings a sparkle into a woman’s eyes as quickly as diamonds! Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for a special someone, you cannot go wrong with a diamond necklace. With a range of styles and prices to choose from, you are sure to be spoiled for choice when shopping for one. We make it easy for you to pick out the one which is ideal for you with these quick insights on choosing a diamond necklace.


Everyone has unique taste and preferences while selecting their diamonds in terms of style. However, the features which spell quality remain the same throughout. This guide helps you identify what to watch out for to make sure you are picking the right diamond Necklace i.e. of the finest quality:

  1. The first and foremost step is to determine what kind of cut you prefer when it comes to buying diamond rings or necklaces. Choose from a round or princess cut
  2. Choose your preferred carat size! Knowing whether you would like one carat or half carat diamond helps you shortlist the designs available in that segment
  3. The shape of the diamond is the next determining factor. A round diamond is a class apart as it is evergreen and lustrous. Other shapes to consider are emerald, cushion, oval, heart, pear.
  4. Another prime most aspect while choosing a diamond necklace is your budget, out of the numerous varieties and designs that are available choose a sleek and slender diamond necklace for a budget of 2-3Lakhs, if you are eyeing at buying in a price bracket of above 3lakhs then choose diamond necklace designs that are more elaborate and design populated.
  5. Last but not the least, consider viewing designs that are offer flexibility. Example some genstone studded diamond necklace designs offer multi utility wherein the gemstones can be replaced with another set. Such as Rubies and emeralds can be interchanged. This way your diamond Necklace finds a purpose for its value.

Choosing a diamond necklace design

The Diamond Pendant

Featuring a diamond pendant on a metal chain not exceeding the length of your collarbone, this type is the most popular among diamond necklaces. The pendant type diamond necklaces are popularly decked with South sea pearls and these pendant style diamond necklaces are more affordable because leaving apart the pendant, the entire length of the necklace is made of pure gold chain, for additional sparkle, pick a pattern which incorporates gemstones. Emeralds and Rubis can do wonders when paired with sparkling diamond jewellery. 

Gemstone studded diamond necklace

Accentuate your party look by choosing your necklace with diamonds and gemstones for a perfectly ravishing ensemble. The options available are endless! You can go for one emerald as the centrepiece in your diamond studded necklace or go for a cluster of diamonds with several Rubys to look versatile and elegant.

A diamond for every woman

While it is important to know the type of diamond you choose for your necklace, the chain design and metal you choose also play a critical role. To make your diamond necklace stand out, choose your chain in lustrous gold, white gold, silver or platinum from quality jewellers like Vaibhav Jewellers. Select the length of the chain based on the occasion you choose to wear a diamond necklace for. Opting for a short length will be great with western formal wear, and longer chains stand out with casual wear and traditional Indian outfits. When in doubt, just opt for a video shopping facility with Vaibhav Jewellers to see the intricacies of the South Indian Jewellery designs like never before. Access a live video shopping experience for all your precious stones and metals and choose the EMI facility for a pocket-friendly transaction. Choose from diamond Mangalsutras and diamond necklaces and add an extra sparkle to your ensemble of the day!!.


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