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HDFC Credit Card Login

HDFC Credit Card Login: HDFC Bank is a popular name when it comes to the banking business. In fact, it is one of the banks that dominates the private banking sector. In this article, we are going to discuss everything related to the HDFC bank starting from its net banking services to HDFC credit card login.

About HDFC

The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, also known as HDFC Bank was incorporated on August 1994 and commenced their business as a scheduled commercial bank from January 1995. It was one of the first banks to receive an “in principal” permission from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a banking business in the private sector, as a part of RBI’s liberalization in Indian Banking Industry.

HDFC was first incorporated by the name of ‘HDFC Bank Limited’ with its registered headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. With the passing years, HDFC has become India’s second-largest lender in the private sector by assets. By market capitalization, HDFC is also the largest bank in India. Today, HDFC has become a common name in the banking industry.

HDFC Credit Card Login


On 23rd May 2008, HDFC was given the approval by RBI for the official amalgamation with the Centurion Bank of Punjab. Today, the merged organization holds a huge deposit base of Rs. 1, 22,000 crore and net advances of around Rs. 89,000 crores. Other than this in the year 2000, Times Bank Limited was merged with HDFC bank which became the first merger of two private sector banks in the New Generation Private Sector Banks.

HDFC bank has grown to excellence in the last few years. With its strong commitment towards its product and service quality, it has achieved the appreciation of both national and international establishments. Its main aim is to be recognized as a World-Class Indian Bank. The bank is known to maintain the highest level of ethical culture, professional integrity, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and complete customer satisfaction. Its banking business philosophy is based on five main values: Operational excellence, Product Leadership, Customer Focus, People, and Sustainability.

At present, the bank has over 4,014 branches in more than 550 cities all over the country. All its branches are linked on an online real-time basis. The bank also has a wide network of more than 11, 000 ATMs all over India. The customers throughout the country are serviced through multiple service channels such as net banking, phone banking, mobile banking, SMS based banking. In India, HDFC was the first bank to launch an International Debit Card in association with VISA. Unlike other banks, HDFC offers a wide range of credit cards to its customers. And the HDFC credit card login service makes everything very convenient for the card holders.

The bank also provides a wide range of services to its wholesale and retail customers. The three main business segments are:

  • Wholesale Banking Services
  • Retail Banking services
  • Treasury

The services provided by the company:

  1. Personal Banking:
  • Accounts and Deposits
  • Loans
  • Cards
  • Forex
  • Investments and Insurance
  1. NRI Banking:
  • Account and Deposits
  • Remittances
  • Investments and Insurance Loans Payment Services
  1. Wholesale Banking:
  • Corporate
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Financial Institutions and Trusts
  • Government Sector

The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited has also owned a number of awards and recognitions because of its quality product and excellent service. The bank also plans to expand its business in all the major industrial and commercial sectors in the near future.

Steps To Do HDFC Credit Card Login

The HDFC bank provides different credit cards which come with a variety of benefits entitled to it. One can apply for a new credit card online by filling a form. A person can also track his credit card online after logging in. HDFC credit card login is a very simple process. For people who do not know, the steps to HDFC credit card login, we have listed the steps below.

HDFC Credit Card Login Procedure:

  • Select a login ID for your credit card.
  • Enter your name as it appears on your credit card.
  • Enter your 16 digit credit card number.
  • Select a password with a minimum 6 characters. Make sure the password is a strong one.
  • Re-enter your password again for confirmation.
  • Click on the’ confirm’ button.
  • Once you click the ‘confirm’ button, you are logged in.

Every time you want to login using your credit card, you will have to apply this same password. So make sure you don’t forget it. By following these simple steps to HDFC credit card login, one can log in and use their credit cards whenever they want. HDFC credit card login provides a plenty of benefits to its customers. It makes it easy for the customers to keep track of their credit card records in the comfort of their home without having to rush to the bank every time.

A person can access these lists of benefits after following the steps to HDFC credit card login:

  • View Account Information
  • Watch Unbilled Transactions
  • Check Credit Card Statements
  • Make Credit Card Payments
  • Auto Pay Registration
  • Auto Pay De-Registration
  • Registration Of New Card
  • De-Registration Of New Card
  • Statement On E-Mail Mailed
  • Credit Card ATM Pin And Much More

HDFC Credit Card Net-banking Registration / How to Apply 

If you have an HDFC credit card, you can log into the HDFC official website and get your credit card registered free of cost. After you get a user ID and password, you can track your credit card and check your credit card balance online, whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for your monthly credit card statements anymore. By registering your credit card, you can stay updated on your balance and can also make adjustments to your credit card spending if required.

In the case of theft or losing your credit card, you can also block it online. All these activities can be done once you have registered your credit card online. For your convenience, we have listed the steps on how to register your credit card using net banking.

Credit Card Registration Through Net-banking Procedure:

You need to have HDFC net banking to register your credit card.

  • Go to the official HDFC website.
  • The home page of HDFC bank will open. Now click on ‘login.’
  • Firstly you have to register your credit card by filling in the registration form.
  • Fill in the required details such as HDFC credit card login ID, name, card number, PIN, expiry date, and password.
  • Accept the terms and conditions given.
  • Click on the ‘submit’ button.
  • Now login to your net banking and go to the ‘Credit Card ‘
  • Click on the ‘Register New Credit Card’ in the left panel.
  • Enter the required details such as card number, expiry month and year and PIN.
  • Click on the ‘submit’ button.

Your credit card will be registered successfully. If you haven’t registered your credit card yet, do it now and make the most of your credit card.

Benefits of HDFC Credit Card

The bank offers a wide range of credit cards to its customers. Each of these credit cards promises certain special offers and privileges. The card holders also receive reward points on their every spending which can be later redeemed to get attractive offers. The range of credit cards offered by the HDFC bank is:

  1. Super Premium Cards
  • Infinite
  • Regalia
  • Diner’s Club Black
  1. Co-Brand Credit Cards
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum
  • Platinum Times Card
  • Titanium Times Card
  1. Professional Credit Cards
  • Teacher’s Platinum
  1. Cashback Cards
  • Money Back
  1. Premium Cards
  • World Master Card
  • Diners Club Premium
  • Diners Club Rewards
  • Visa Signature
  1. Solitaire
  2. Commercial Cards
  • Business Platinum
  • Business Gold Credit Card
  • Corporate Platinum
  • Corporate World Master Card
  • Corporate VISA signature
  • Corporate Card
  • Purchase Card
  • Distributor Card

These are the various types of credit cards offered by the HDFC bank. The benefits of which are as follows:

  • Special offers on online shopping websites, e-commerce.
  • Longer EMI options available on credit cards.
  • Maximum credit limit based on your income.
  • Allows cashless transactions across thousands of merchant’s all over the world.
  • Best lifestyle benefits- airport lounge, free air-tickets, free gifts, golf clubs,
  • The benefit of Complimentary Airlines and Priority Pass Memberships.
  • 15% discount in any Five Star Hotel in India.
  • The system of earning 4 reward points on every Rs 150 spent using the HDFC credit card.

A person with an HDFC credit card can avail these hosts of benefits easily.

HDFC Credit Card Payment

One should always pay his credit card bills on time because it is very important. Delay in the payment of credit card bills can result in card cancellation, heavy penalty, denial of reward points and others.

HDFC makes it very convenient for its customers to pay their credit card bills. The bank provides 7 easy options to pay your credit card bills on time. They are as follows:

  1. Net Banking: To pay your credit card bills online, you need to have the net banking facility, and also your credit card should be linked to your account. For linking your credit card, ATM pin is required.
  2. HDFC Mobile App: You need first to download the HDFC mobile app to make your payment via this method. The app is completely free and is supported on all the popular platforms such as android, windows, and iPhone.
  3. HDFC Mobile Site: You can also pay your credit card bills by visiting the mobile site from your cell phone. It has a self-explanatory interface. You will need your customer ID and password so, better keep it handy.
  4. ATM Funds Transfer: To pay your credit card bill via this method, you have to visit an HDFC ATM and then make your payment either through a savings account or current account.
  5. Cheque Payment: The cheque should be drawn in the name ‘HDFC Bank Card A/c’ along with your 16 digit credit card number and deposit it at any HDFC branch or ATM.
  6. Cash: You can always pay your bills via the traditional method. Visit any HDFC branch counter and make the payment by cash. You can also deposit the cash at any HDFC ATM.
  7. AutoPay: AutoPay is the most convenient option to pay not just your credit card bills but also to make any other payments as well. You just have to fill an autopay registration form and instruct the bank to deduct the amount from your balance.

Always remember that delaying the payment of your credit card reflects on your credit score which may affect your application of loan in future. To avoid so, make sure you always pay your credit card bills on time.

HDFC Credit Card Net Banking FAQs

The most commonly asked questions about Credit Card Net-Banking and the answers to it are as follows:

  1. How can I change my password?
  • To change your password, you have to first log in using your credit card. Then click on the ‘Change Password’ option flashing on the top portion of the screen. Type in your current password and then the new password which you have selected in their respective blank boxes.
  1. How do I de-register my Credit Card Net banking service?
  • To de-register your Credit Card Net Banking service, click on the ‘de-register card’ link. Choose your card number and hit the ‘confirm’ button to discontinue your net banking service for your credit card.
  1. Who can use the Credit Card Net Banking service?
  • Anyone with a valid HDFC credit card first has to register for the net banking service with the HDFC bank in order to use the Credit Card Net Banking service. Just make sure that your card account is active and is in regular use to avail this service.

Therefore, we can see that how useful the HDFC credit card login is and the convenient option you get after you have logged in.

No wonder HDFC has become one of the giants in the banking sector. The bank sure does know, how to keep it’s customer happy and satisfied. The HDFC credit card login, the credit card benefits and other services related to credit cards are way advanced than that of the other banks.

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