How Do You Open Packs on FIFA Mobile?

Now, users can download FIFA mobile’s new season and enjoy playing this game with some advanced features. The FIFA mobile contains a lot of exciting features such as head to head mode, graphics, and team chemistry. This game is now at a new level in terms of feel, experience, and comfort.

Now, don’t limit yourself to building an Ultimate team only. Instead, you can train your players to get them to the superstar status and defeat your opponents. The game size is less than 100 Mb, so you can quickly download it to start the real fun. Let’s take a look at FIFA mobile’s exclusive features.

Excellent Features in FIFA Mobile

As you know, FIFA mobile is so handy. You merely need to download the game, install it properly, and start playing. Here are the features that you will see on the mobile.

  • Head to Head Battle

It is a real-time competition that you can play with other players around the world. Well, it is a general 11 vs 11 football game. This feature is so popular among players. Select the amateur and pro division. Here you will compete against an AI. It is an excellent way to improve your gaming skills so that you can perform better during a real match.

  • Building Your Ultimate Team

Now, you can use chemistry while making your ultimate team. So, if you are adding players on the same league, club, or country, then checking chemistry is an excellent way to give a leg up to your team. When selecting players from more than 550 solid teams, you can put some depth into your list. Now, all you have to do is squeeze the tactics and make the best calls. After that, your club could turn into an Ultimate team.

  • Attack to Win!

Get into your offensive tactic in the VS attack mode. For that, you must play thrilling matches. Well, it is a new level of competition and the best way to get your game in top gear. It is good to dominate the matches of 90-second. However, it would help if you also work around raising the leaderboards and obtaining seasonal rewards.

  • Join a League!

You can now join leagues to get glory with your friends and other players. It is an authentic social experience. Inter-league championships can help you test and boost your skills. Moreover, you can take other players into a league and scale the leaderboard.

Which Packs Should You Get?

Rare gold players are the best one. They have the best quick sell value. Moreover, you may get the highest price for them in the transfer market. Always check the rating of players before buying. The more the score, the more will be their price.

It will help if you look for the Promo Packs. That’s because they usually come with the best players. However, you may not get these packs in the in-game store all the time. These packs are generally out during the weekends or special occasions such as Christmas. 

If you regularly visit the store, then you will notice that the jumbo rare player’s pack is one such thing that most players look for. These packs are expensive. You may need to spend more than 100k coins to get a single pack. However, these packs are useful and worth getting because they only have the best rare gold players. 

You have three options to buy FUT packs.

  • The console
  • On the Web App
  • The companion app

Many players believe that they could get the best players in packs if they open their packs on the console. However, it could be a luck part.

Tips to Buy and Open FUT Packs

  • You can purchase many packs by using either FIFA points or coins. If you want FIFA points, then you need to spend real money to get them.
  • Are you ready to spend extra cash in FUT 20? Then you should use FIFA points to buy any of the available packs. Moreover, you can use coins in the transfer market while bidding on players. These tricks will help upgrade your team. 
  • Are you ready to open packs of coins? You should move ahead if you have a strong team. Remember, most of the times; opening packs come with a loss.
  • Draw your packs accordingly. Check where you will get the most out of your coins.


Now, you know everything about the FIFA mobile and buying packs. Well, opening packs is a straightforward process. You need to find the best website that can make it further easy for you. Do you want to buy packs? You can look at this site to check how to open packs on FIFA mobile. Go to the and jump to the FUT 20 packs section. After that, select the pack and check its information. Lastly, open the pack. That’s it!

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