How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last? & 8 Ways To Prolong It

With the improvement in the gaming industry taking a toll, more and more new devices are making their ways to help developers fulfill their dreams of creating masterpieces. With time, the gaming laptop will start to deteriorate in its functionality. If you fail to maintain the gaming laptop like the Razer gaming laptop, it will last you for around 5 to 6 years. Some might even last for 3 to 4 years when it comes to cheaper regular laptop due to its plastic chassis. Even when some parts might last half a decade or even more, the major components won’t be able to offer the same performance with games turning out to be visually complex.

How to improve the longevity of a gaming laptop:

As purchasing a gaming laptop is a big time investment, you really want to improve its longevity to say the least. There are 8 proven ways in which you can do so and get the most out of the budget you have covered right now.

  • Understand about the parts which are not worth replacing:

Remember that laptops are not that easy to repair or upgrade when compared to the PCs. There are few parts which you can’t replace and might need more effort to replace than what their original worth is. Some parts are not even covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and will fail with passing time. For example, the video cable connecting to motherboard or the display screens are some of the major points of failing with time. So, catching up with the model with HDMI port is one way to stay prepared ahead of time.

  • Get the ultimate physical protection:

There are some obvious points you better keep in mind while handling a gaming laptop. Avoid handling it roughly and don’t jostle it excessively, especially while transporting unit. It can easily damage the internal motherboard components. Try out the snug carrying case with various compartments for Ethernet cables, power cord, external hard drives and what not. 

  • Manage the battery life:

You can protect your laptop for a long time if you can change the laptop battery charging habits. it might be a bit difficult for gaming laptops because of lower battery life, but it is important to not leave your computer plugged in always.

  • Manage the perfect cooling options:

There are various ways to keep the gaming laptop components cool. If you don’t have built-in cooling features, then you can purchase a cooling pad separately. These pads are available at cheaper rates from online e-commerce stores to try out. You can choose from various styles and colors.

  • Cleaning and proper maintenance:

Your laptop is in dire need of regular maintenance. You can try using the canned air to clean out the ports regularly. It is one highly effective way to prevent damaging internal parts or overheating them. Clean it up to remove dust accumulation at the same time.

  • Learn about SSD and HDD requirements:

SSD or solid state drives are major parts of gaming laptop, but even to this date, you will find some regular hard drives in so many models. It is better to get the SSD option because of the maximum number of times it can be defragmented and overwritten. It helps in reducing the lifespan of the driver.

  • Make sure to upgrade RAM:

Make sure to upgrade the parts within 2 to 3 years of purchasing the gaming laptop. It is one easy and proven way to boost the laptop’s speed and ensure that it keeps on working with the right pace of technology.

  • Switching from HDD to SSD:

As you already know the importance of Solid State Drivers, make sure to convert the HDD of your model to SSD. SSD is always proven to last for a long time, without being victim of overheating that much.

Points affecting the lifespan of the gaming laptop:

The entire build quality will play vital role to ensure longevity of the laptop. There are so many reasons for you to save some extra bucks and get hold of the higher end model. If you are literally getting six years out of your device, then you are literally spending less by purchasing an expensive model that does not always have to be replaced within few years. You should head for the top model like Razer gaming laptop for a long lasting stay.

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