How Technological Advancements Are Impacting Cosmetic Surgery

How Technological Advancements Are Impacting Cosmetic Surgery

How Technological Advancements Are Impacting Cosmetic Surgery: Technology is evolving at a rapid rate which is having an impact on just about every industry you can imagine. The cosmetic surgery industry is no exception and, as more people are choosing to have surgery abroad where it is cheaper, these technological advancements are having an impact across the globe. One country which has become a hotspot for medical tourism is Turkey, many people are travelling to Istanbul for hair replacement and a variety of other procedures. They are attracted by lower prices for the same high standards of care. Here’s how technological advancements are changing the cosmetic surgery industry.

How Technological Advancements Are Impacting Cosmetic Surgery

How Technological Advancements Are Impacting Cosmetic Surgery

Better Quality Results

In the past, there were a very limited number of ways to carry out common procedures such as face lifts and skin grafts. Improvements in the technology used for cosmetic surgery has improved the results which can be achieved. One way patients are receiving better results is the use of more precise surgical instruments which in reduces the amount of scarring caused by having a cosmetic surgery procedure. Additionally, scientists now have better understanding of tissue engineering which makes it possible for high quality synthetic materials to be used as alternatives when carrying out skin grafts. These produce realistic results and ‘take’ better than tissue has done in the past, reducing the need for multiple operations and helping people to recover and return to normality quicker.

Computer-Assisted Imaging

Computer-assisted imaging is being used in various types of surgery at the moment. Cosmetic surgeons use the technology to build a computerised image of a person’s facial features. This makes it easier to develop a surgical solution which will grow with the patient, particularly if they are having corrective surgery at a young age. Computer technology helps to make the procedure more accurate and more efficient, as it can reduce the need for surgery at a later date once the patient’s bones have grown and developed fully.

Reducing Risks

All types of surgery have certain risks which patients should be informed about prior to the procedure being carried out. However, improvements in technology which help to make cosmetic surgery more precise and less damaging to surrounding tissue can help to lower the risks associated with cosmetic surgery. This is reassuring for many people and could be a contributing factor to the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Less Invasive Procedures

In the past, many people were put off having cosmetic surgery due to the invasive nature of procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation. Technology has significantly improved the way in which procedures are carried out, making them far less invasive and reducing recovery time. An example of such a procedure is Vaser Liposuction, which uses the latest medical technology to extract excess fat on an individual’s body. Vaser Liposuction uses sound energy to liquefy the fat cells in a patient’s desired area, without damaging the surrounding tissue or causing excessive bruising. Technology has made it possible for people to target a specific problem area.

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