How to make phone charms at home

How to make phone charms at home

Phone beaded charm to level up your phone case!

Fashionistas are always scouring for something unique and trendy things, whether it is clothing or accessories. Phone beaded charm was cool when we had those small tik-tok Nokia phones. It is back in trend. We purchased them from mobile stores in our 90’s. Now you get a variety of phone charms online and offline stores.

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Dupa Lipa don beaded phone charms with style. They bring our old-school days back when we used beads to charm our hair, bags, and mirrors. 

Earlier nobody thought that this small business idea could be so popular. No, it has become an international business. In the fashion world where trends change in seconds. The phone beaded accessory has made a way through.

Beaded phone ornaments are colorful, vibrant, funky, and detailed pieces. It comes in a variety of cartoonish charms like fruits, smileys, flowers, celestials, evil eyes, etc. They are so versatile that you can customize them as per your taste. You can add names, initials, characters, make quotes, and a life mantra to it. 

Phone beads add positivity to your life. Being popping can change your sad mood to a happy one. It is because of color therapy. If you add inspiring or motivating quotes, you will see them a hundred times whenever you pick up your phone.

Phone beaded charms can be ordered online. For this, you need to spend a few hundred, but if you wish, you can personalize your phone charm for a few bucks. Also, customizing adds a personal touch. 

You have the scope of showing your creativity and art. You can also start a small business by selling it to your relatives and friends. It makes a great gift too. Now you have many reasons for a DIY phone charm at home. So, what are you waiting for? Let us begin with the details:

Steps to Make Phone Charms at Home:

Before we start, we want you to know that this material will cost you a few bucks (300-500INR). You can make many phone charms with the left material. Handmade gifts are great to have. It shows your efforts and affection for the giftee. 

Variations are what make DIY phone charms unique. This guide is dedicated to all the beauties who want a special beaded charm for their smartphones. You can involve your mom or sisters in a fun activity.

Materials Required:

  • Charm Dangles
  • Scissors
  • Super Glue
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Different color strings

What strings do you require for a strong phone charm?

The right thread is the key to a firm phone charm. There are many types of cords available in the market. It is important to pick the right no stretchable cord. It should be durable and fitted.

Embroidered threads are eye-catchy. It is not expensive and comes in many color options. The cord should not be very thick else it will not fit in the beads. Some beads have small holes, buy thread accordingly. Plan how many beaded phone charms you want? Bring supplies as per need. If you are not interested in quirky embroidered threads, go for nylon cords. They are super fine, strong, cheap, and durable.

Step 1: Cut a long thread and tie it at one end so that beads do not fall while you attach them.

Step 2: Create a pattern. Take ideas from Pinterest or Google and start beading. You can create a bracelet style or a small hanging charm.

Step 3: Now tie beads with the help of a lobster clasp. It will make it look professional and easily attach to mobile phone covers. IF you don’t have a clasp you can seal the ends with super glue or nail polish and tie the ends. Now attach it directly via a knot in the phone case holes for the volume and key button. And you are done!

Such creative pieces are fabulous. It is super trendy, economical, and customizable. I had made lots of phone charms and gifted them to my BFFs and family members. They all loved and appreciated my present. Now, I am thinking of selling it on orders nearby or online. You can also steal this trading idea if you are creative and looking for easy money.

It is good to do something fruitful. Sitting ideal is not so worth it. After Covid, we have stress and bad days around us. Gift phone charms and bring positivity to one’s life.

How to Fix a Phone Charm to Your Smartphone?

It is the most asked question. It is simple. Remove your phone cover and find the buttonhole. Pass the string through and tie a loop. Pull it tight from both sides. Bingo! 

With lobster claw, you have to fix it in one go. No hassles.

All Set to Make a DIY beaded phone charm?

This article is to enlighten you about phone charms making at home. It is up to your creativity what you want. If you have some supplies left, make a beaded necklace for face masks, mirrors, and handbags. 

You can take inspiration from half n half beaded charms, add pearls, quirky beads, fruits, hearts, evil eyes, different shaped beads, etc. For an exclusive phone charm. Once you master, be a pro. Thank me later, first go and buy your supplies. Best of luck!

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