IMEI Number Tampering may lead up to 3 Year Jail

IMEI Number Tampering may lead up to 3 Year Jail

IMEI Number Tampering may lead up to 3 Year Jail: The Government of India has made a new law, which suggests that tampering of IMEI number, which is a 15-Digit Serial number of mobile devices is now onwards punishable offence which can lead Up to 3 years of Jail. This new rule “IMEI Number Tampering may lead up to 3 Year Jail ” is mainly started to curb all the issues of IMEI Numbers in the country.

IMEI Number Tampering may lead up to 3 Year Jail

The new rule is made in order to solve all the issues of IMEI numbers and track lost phones easily. On August 25, Department of Telecom said, “It shall be unlawful, if a person, except the manufacturer – intentionally removes, obliterates, changes, or alters unique Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number”.

According to the new law, “the prevention of tampering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number, Rules, 2017” which ban a person from consciously using a mobile phone whose IMEI Number is changed willingly or software is being used to change the IMEI Number.

All the Mobile Handsets have a Unique IMEI Number. At the time of making a call, the call record shows the phone number of the caller and the IMEI number of the handset from which call is made. All the users can change their Mobile Number by changing their SIM. However, an IMEI number can only be changed by a technical person which has a special instrument.

Want to know more?

GSMA is the main body which allocates a unique number to all the mobile handsets across the world. Whenever a phone is lost, he/ she is requested to mention IMEI Number which is useful to track the device.

Earlier this year in June 2017, DOT had started making new improvised rules about tampering of IMEI numbers which has made a difficulty to Police or any security agency to Track all the devices. Moreover, DOT has also banned all the Telecom operators in 2009 from offering service to any handset which has fake IMEI ID. However, fetching of Fake IMED number is not possible by Telecom Operators.

This is the new rule:

According to a report by Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring, there are 18,000 handsets which have the same IMEI Number. The Government has introduced two new rules under the section 7 and section 25. Here, Section 7 allows the DoT power to make rules of conduct of telecom or telegraph services. While Section 25 allows DoT to deal with by damaging the telegraph line, machines or any related equipment which can lead to a prison of Up to 3 years of a fine or both.

One of the most amazing things, Department of Telecom is now working on a special system which will block all the services on stolen as well as a lost mobile number even if the SIM Card is changed or IMEI is changed.

This is one of the most interesting moves taken by the Department of Telecom as it will help to curb all the victims which has stolen mobile handsets. Also, it will prevent any of any of the user to change the IMEI Number. Hence, IMEI Number Tampering may lead up to 3 Year Jail.

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