How to Download iMessage for Windows PC [Two Best Methods]

iMessage for PC

iMessage for PC: Are you searching for a method to use iMessage on PC? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Almost everyone loves to use WhatsApp and Messenger from Facebook, but various windows users crave to use iMessage on their Windows PC.

Until now, iMessage app is not officially available for Windows OS or Android OS. Hence, they can’t use iMessage on their PC or Phone.

iMessage for PC
iMessage for PC

All those users search for ways to try iMessage on Windows PC. There is not any straightforward method to use iMessage on PC. However, here we will share two best methods to use iMessage on PC. Obviously, I will not tell you to install iOS on Windows.

Many people using Windows, crave to use Apple services once in their life. Apple provides amazing apps along with great customer service, due to which its products are of high cost. And we all know that we can’t compare Apple products with any other products.

Also, many people are searching on the internet to use iMessage on Windows. However, very less information is available on the topic. Due to which, I have decided to share it with you the best methods to use iMessage on Windows PC.

In this article, I will provide you two best methods to use iMessage on Windows PC. Follow all the steps carefully and please don’t skip any of the steps.

So, let’s get started with the two best methods to use iMessage for PC.

iMessage for PC

Method 1: How to use iMessage on Windows PC?

Firstly I will share with you, the easiest method known as “Chrome Remote Desktop” method to use Mac Services on PC. If you are able to use iMessage using this method, then Good Luck. If not, then try the next one.

In order to use iMessage on PC using Chrome Remote Desktop method, you will require Mac Computer. If you don’t have Mac computer, then you can take help of a friend, who has Mac.

Follow the step by step method to use iMessage on PC:

1. First of all, Download Google Chrome Browser on both the computers.
2. Now, Sign in using your Gmail Id on both the Computer’s Chrome.
3. After which, you need to install “Chrome Remote Desktop” on both the Computers. Install it via this link.
4. After the extension is successfully installed, click on “Launch App” available at the top right corner of the screen.
5. Then, you have to install another program called “Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer” on your Mac. Download and Install the same. Then run this program on your Mac.
6. Now, you need to run Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac. It will share with you 12-Digit code, please note down the 12-Digit Code.
7. Lastly, launch Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows PC and Enter the 12-Digit code. Thus, you have remote access to your Mac.

Method 2: Using iPadian Emulator on PC

iPadian Emulator lets you run iOS apps on Windows. As we all know, using Emulators, we can run different OS on Different devices.

Follow the step-by-step process to run iPadian Emulator on PC:

1. First of all, Download the iPadian Emulator on your Windows. To download click on the link below:
Download iPadian Emulator
2. Now, install iPadian Emulator on your PC.
3. After installation is completed, run iPadian Emulator on your windows.
4. Then, you have to Sign in using your Apple ID and Password. If you don’t have one, then Sign UP Now using the link given below.
Sign Up for Apple ID
5. Now, you will be able to run iOS on your Windows PC without any requirement of Mac or any other device.
6. Now, you have to search for iMessage, Download and Install the iMessage on your device.
7. Finally, you just need to open iMessage and Sign in with your account. Hence, you will be able to run iMessage on your PC.

I hope, that you are now able to use iMessage on Windows PC. Lastly, if you liked our article on iMessage for PC, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and followers.

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