Indian Railway – Reservation Enquiry, PNR Status, Running Status, Train Time Table

Indian Railway

Indian Railway is one of the most important parts of each and every citizen of India. Indian Railway is one of the largest Rail Network in the world. It is owned by the state-owned-company which is undertaken by the rail transport of India. Indian Railway is owned and functioned by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways. Indian Railway[Link] is 4th Largest Railway Networks in the world with a distance of more than 92,080km of track over a route of 66,687km and 7216 stations as per the data of the Year 2016. More than 8.1 Billion people travel via Train in a Year which means more than 22 Million in a day. Also, more than 1.1 Billion of Cargo is sent to various cities in a year.

Most of us in India loves to travel by train than any other transportation. The main reason being that it is less expensive and yet comfortable to travel by. People love to travel with their friends and families to different destinations. And for that nothing could be a better option than a train. The train gives you the freedom of enjoying the journey with your loved ones while enjoying the scenic beauty passing by the window. Maybe this is the reason why Indian Railways has an extravagant network linking the whole country. In this article, we are going to have a closer look at our grand Indian Railways.

Indian Railway
Indian Railway

The Indian Railways is a government owned Railway Company which is managed under the Ministry of Railways. The origins of the Indian Railways goes straight back to 1853. Since then it has grown into a gigantic network. Today, the Indian Railways is the largest railway network in the whole of Asia and the fourth largest in the entire world. Its network comprises of 119,730 kilometers of total track running across the entire country with 7,216 numbers of stations in total. It is the single largest source of employment for the people of India. Until now, it has given employment to more than 2 lakh people. Not only that, but it also generates about 2.6% of the total G.D.P.

Indian Railway was started way back in 1853. In 1951, Indian Railway was then nationalized as a 1 Unit, and then it became one of the largest Rail Network in the world. The First Train was from Mumbai to Thane Covering the distance of 34Km. Later on, the growth of the Indian Railways is increased constantly. As per the data of 2016, Indian Railway has more than 251,256 Freight wagons, 70,240 Passenger Coaches, and 11120 Locomotives all over the country. Indian Railway control long distance and suburban rail systems on various Multi Guage Network of broad gauge, meter gauge, and narrow gauge. Indian Railway is being functioned in more than 26 states in India, 3 Union Territories and also has International connections with Bangladesh and Pakistan. As per the year 2016, more than 13,300 Passenger Trains runs in every day.

Indian Railways was developed with the objective of improving the whole transport infrastructure in the country. So far, the Indian Railways is quite successful in doing so. The railways have undertaken several projects, in order to improve its services. They have launched new trains, facilitated online services like ticket booking, checking PNR status, and providing meals on trains and much more. The Indian Railways is not to be left behind when it comes to technological advancement. It is successfully coping with the new changes brought by the evolution of technology. No wonder why people rely so much on the Indian Railways while traveling.

Now, when you travel by train, there are certain things that you need to know about. Like how to check your enquiry about your reservation, check the train timings or your PNR status, etc. Having knowledge of these things makes it easier for a person to travel by train and avail all the facilities. In case if you have less knowledge about this train-related stuff, we have got you covered.

Indian Railway

Indian Railway provides employment to more than 1.3 Million People employees as per the data of the year 2016. All the Trains run at a speed of 50Km/hr on a Broad Guage, while 24Km/hr on a Meter Guage. Indian Railways has gained a revenue of ₹1.683 Trillion, out of which ₹1.069 Trillion were earned from cargo and rest ₹442.83 billion were earned from the Passengers. All the trains have a 5-Digit Number by which they are identified.

Indian Railway Zones

It is divided into 17 zones, which is again divided into subdivisions. The Number of zones increased subsequently. Firstly, it raised from 6 to 8 in the year 1951, which was further increased to 9 in 1966 and afterward it was increased to 16 in the year 2003. Each Zone consists of stations and Railway Divisions.

Indian Railway Reservation

Do you have any plan to visit a trip in the near future and you want to go by train then you have to decide the dates too early to make the reservation of the tickets.

Trouble Faced while doing reservation

Indian Railways provide various facilities to all the citizens of India at an affordable price. All the people are facing various problems while doing the reservation. In order to do the reservation, you should keep some of the points in mind as given below:

– If you do the reservation before 2 days of the Train, then you may not get the confirm ticket of the journey. As per the rules, one can do the reservation of the journey before 120 days.

– Many times, you will not be able to get the reserved seat even on the second day when the counter begins. All the citizens are facing this trouble because of festivals, occasions, etc.

How to solve the Problem of Reservation?

You can reserve your Train Tickets by keeping in mind the following points:

– For all the people who are beginners, you should plan your journey date in advance. If you come up with the plan on the last minute, then you have to compulsory book Tatkal Tickets. Tatkal Tickets can be booked before 24 hrs of the Journey.

– Every day the Ticket Booking for the Reservation starts at 8 AM in the Morning. Various People book their Tickets online via various Ticket Booking Websites. So if you want to book tickets early then you also have to book tickets online.

– If you are going to travel during the season of festival, then you should book your tickets in advance, as there will be a lot of rush afterward.

Train Accommodation Classes

Train Comprises of Various Classes to Travel. Choose the Class as per your requirement.

Indian Railway

Various Classes available in Indian Trains are as follows:

1. 1 AC First Class AC

This is the costliest class. It provides the best facilities. It consists of 8 Cabins in Full AC First Class Coach while 3 Cabins in the Half AC First Class Coach. This Class Price is equivalent to airfare. In First Class, there is space for 18 passengers in Full AC First Class Coach while 10 Passengers in Half AC First Class Coach. This Class is only made for the long journey. It also consists of Attendant which will guide the people in their journey. The Sleeper Berths are too wide and are generous. Here you will get various other facilities too. It consists of Personal Coupes where you will get more privacy.

2. 2 AC – AC- Two Tier

This class consists of sleeping berth across the 8 bays. Here the berths are generally arranged in two tiers in bays of six, out of which 4 berths cover the width of the coach while the rest two on the other side of a corridor.

3. First Class

First Class is similar to the 1 AC, but they don’t have AC. This Class is being removed from the various Trains and now it is rarely found on any train.

4. AC Three Tier or Third AC

This Class consists of total 64 Sleeping Berths. If you want to travel for just a Night and you want AC, then this is best suitable for you. These doesn’t contain Curtains and reading lights. Some of the trains contain curtains and reading lights while it will be upgraded in all the other trains in the upcoming years.

5. AC Chair Car

It is an AC coach which consists of 5 seats in a Row. This is used for Day Travel between the cities. You will see AC Chair Car in Double Decker Train.

6. Executive Class chair car (EC)

It is an AC Coach which Comprises of large generous seats and the legroom. It consists of 4 seats in a Row and generally used to travel between the cities in daytime.

7. Sleeper Class (SL)

This Class is familiar with all the Indian Railway Passengers. There are 10 or more than 10 Coaches attached to the Rake. It’s Non-AC Coach. It consists of 72 Berths.

8. Second Seater Class(2S)

This class is similar to the Chair Car, but it doesn’t contain AC. This class may be reserved or unreserved. It was implemented in fewer trains from Mumbai to Pune and in Flying Ranee.

9. General/Unreserved(UN/GEN)

This Coach has the lowest price. There are basically wooden chairs in this class. While currently, cushion seats are being introduced. There is no guarantee that you will receive a seat in this class. It is fully loaded with Passengers. Tickets can be purchased before 24 hrs of the journey time.

Now looking back at the History, there was no development in the Railway sector till 1848. Then in 1853, the first train was started between Mumbai and Pune. Later on in 1853, Southern Railway Company was founded and then it was registered in the year 1859. In 1859, the establishment of the Madras Presidency Began and then in 1862, the first track between the Trichinopoly and Negapatnam was started. Then in 1864, Carnatic Railway started a new track connecting Madras-Arakkonam-Kancheepuram.

In the year 1857, Robert Maitland Brereton has taken control over the development of railways and he started the track from Allahabad Jabalpur in 1867. Within Few years, various Companies started their investment in railway projects across the country and thus the development of Railways started.

In the year between 1920-1929, Railways were contributing a lot to the whole country. There were about 620 million passengers traveling in the country every year. Also, more than 90 million cargo were shifted using Train every year. Then from 1939, the economy of the railways was decreased to a great extent due to the starting of Second World War. It lasted for 8 years. Later on, in 1946, the complete Railway Systems were undertaken by the Government.

PNR Status – Indian Railway

Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a unique 10-digit code printed on the top-left corner of your ticket. It serves as a travel record of a person or a group of people which is stored or maintained in the Central reservation System (CRS) database. PNR is generated only after the CRS receives full information about the passenger such as his name, gender, age, a contact link, train number, berth preference, journey class, etc.

PNR is of great use for people because, with the help of it, one can get updated on their journey or check if their ticket has been confirmed or not and lot more. With the availability of information online, tracking trains with the PNR number has become very easy and convenient. It serves as a great information tool for the people.

How To Check PNR Status?

You can check your PNR status via these three methods:

  1. Via Online: This is perhaps the easiest way to check your PNR status. Just submit a request on the official website of the Indian Railways.
  1. Via SMS: Send an SMS on any of these two numbers, following the same format.
  • Your 10-digit PNR number to 139
  • Your 10-digit PNR number to 5676747

Note: You only have to type your 10-digit PNR number and send it to the above-mentioned number.

  1. Via Smartphone App: Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, you can also check your PNR status using the mobile apps. Just download the ‘PNR Status App’ from the store and your all set to go.

Importance of PNR Number

PNR is a very useful number which can fetch important details about your travel by train and other important details. With the help of the PNR number, a person can check the following information online:

  • The name and the number of the train.
  • The date of traveling.
  • Traveling
  • Boarding points.
  • Journey class.
  • Ticket status.
  • Passenger coach with the seat numbers.

All these vital information are accessible with the help of the PNR number.

Indian Railway – Reservation Enquiry

You can enquire about your reservation with the help of your PNR number. To check your reservation status, visit the official page of the Indian Railways and click on the PNR status. There you can enquire about your current reservation status whether it is being confirmed or not.

Train Running Status

To check the status of a live train running you have to visit the official website of the Indian Railways and then click on the train running status link.

Train Time Table – Indian Railway Train Time Table

Our Indian Railways publish the train timetable with the name Trains at a Glance. But this has become outdated now. In this online era, everything is made available at the tip of your fingers. Now, you can check the train time table easily on online.

There are a number of sites which provides you with train timetable. Or you can go to the official page of the Indian Railways. You can now easily check the arrival and departure time of any train you want. You can also check your train schedule by entering the train number on any of the sites.

Seats Availability

Before booking tickets online, one needs to check the availability of the seats. In order to do so, visit the official website of the Indian Railways and click on the seat availability link. Fill in the details required such as the train number, journey date, source station code, destination station code, class, and quota. After entering these details, you will be shown the availability of seats on that particular train.

Passenger Status

Passenger status is the same as your PNR status. You can check your PNR or passenger status via online, SMS or mobile app. The Indian Railways have provided all the options available for your convenience.

Railway Project 2017

As per the Rail budget 2016-17, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has introduced 4 new projects. Out of which, Railways are going to start a very special project called Utkrisht Double-Decker AC Yatri (Uday) Express in the July 2017.

In this project, Train will consist of reclining chairs. It will have 120 Seater AC Couch which will also comprise of automatic food and vending machines. The most preferred routes will be from Delhi to Lucknow and Chennai to Thiruvananthapuram. Also, the price of the ticket will be lower than 3-Tier AC. Besides this, it will also have special features such as LCD Screens and Wi-Fi

Indian Railways is one of the most crucial parts of each and every citizen of India.

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