Lenovo Launches new Think Laptops, Monitors, and Desktops in India

Lenovo Launches new Think Laptops, Monitors, and Desktops in India

Lenovo Launches new Think Laptops, Monitors, and Desktops in India: Lenovo, one of the most well-known companies for its technology products launched a series of products on June 6, 2017. Lenovo uncovers new Desktops, Laptops, and Monitors in India. The company launches various series of ThinkPads, ThinkCentres, and Tiny-in-Ones all of which are powered by 7th Generation Intel-Core i7 Processors.

Lenovo Launches new Think Laptops Look

Lenovo Launches new Think Laptops, Monitors, and Desktops in India

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Lenovo Launches new Think Laptops, Monitors, and Desktops in India

Various New products unveiled by the Lenovo are ThinkPad X1 Carbon, ThinkPad X1 Yoga, ThinkPad X270, ThinkPad Yoga 370, ThinkPad L470, ThinkPad T470, ThinkPad T470s, ThinkCentre M710 Tiny Desktop, ThinkCentre M710 Tower & Small Form Factor (SFF), ThinkCentre M910 Tower, ThinkCentre Tiny-In-One 22 & 24, ThinkVision X1, ThinkVision P27h and ThinkVision T24i.

Lenovo Launches new Think Laptops
Lenovo Launches new Think Laptops

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ThinkPad X1 Carbon

The X1 Carbon comes with 14-inch IPS Display and its frame is made up of 4 layers of carbon-fiber strong material alongside a magnesium alloy roll cage in order to provide more flexibility. ThinkPad Carbon X1 is weighing 1.1kg and it offers various connectivity options such as Thunderbolt 3, LTE, and Wireless WAM along with Wi-Fi. ThinkPad X1 Carbon offers the lost lasting battery of 15.5 hours and also provides the option of fast-charging in which the laptop gets charged from 0-80% in just an hr. The Expected price of the laptop is Rs 1, 23,000.

ThinkPad X1 Yoga

The X1 Yoga comes with 360-degree rotation and easily flips in the tablet mode. ThinkPad X1 Yoga, the company is meant for the users who are looking for an Extremely Portable laptop with all the facilities. The Laptop sports OLED Screen along with a backlit keyboard, a built-in rechargeable pen, and full inking ability. X1 Yoga’s pricing starts at Rs. 96,000.

ThinkPad L470, ThinkPad T470, and ThinkPad T470s

Here come the two toughest laptops, ThinkPad L470 and ThinkPad T470 from Lenovo. These devices are being tested against 12-Military Grade requirements and are subjected to more than 200 quality checks. Both these laptops can handle rough conditions without any difficulty. One of the most important things is, they are specially meant for the use of Enterprises.

Along with SSD, fingerprint scanner, and facial recognition facility, the laptop offers 18-hours long battery life. The ThinkPad L470’s price starts at Rs. 67,900 and Lenovo’s ThinkPad T470’s price starts at Rs. 88,600.

Apart from this, the Lenovo also launched another laptop in the series, namely called Lenovo ThinkPad T470s whose price starts at Rs 97,700. The Laptop’s price starts at Rs 1.32Kgs and offers more flexibility and toughness.

ThinkVision X1

Lenovo’s ThinkVision X1 Series Comprises of High-End Monitors. ThinkVision X1 offers 4K UHD Video and is highly customized to provide best vibrant colors. The Monitor Sports a built-in full-HD Camera, dual-array microphone, and Stereo Speakers which makes the best for VoIP Services. Also, it comprises of Type-C USB’s, one is used for power supply while the other two can be used for media transfers and other things.

ThinkVision P27h

The laptop comprises of 68.5cm QHD IPS type Screen and the device is manufactured to provide the best accuracy, amazing display rates, and TUV eye comfort certification. The Monitor consists of only a single cable for the three functions power, video, and data. This Laptop is specially made for all the professionals for whom display plays a much bigger role. The pricing of the laptop starts at Rs. 36,000. 

ThinkVision T24i

As compared to all the laptops in the series, the ThinkVision T24i starts at a much lower price of Rs. 18,000. The display consists of 4 USB port plus one audio port.

ThinkCentre M710

ThinkCentre M710 starts at a price of Rs. 33,350. The laptop consists of configurable ports get powered on from the Keyboard and other space settings options in order to satisfy the user’s needs.


Lenovo has also redesigned the new TIOs which offers all the users to change the Tiny Desktop CPU without the use of any tools and whenever required, by making PC flexible and making upgrades quickly for all major enterprises and public sector organizations the new TIO 22 and TIO 24 comes with the flat design and built-in speaker.

Thus, the company is looking forward to expanding its sector by introducing new laptops.

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