The List of Documents You Ought to Have Before You Sell Your House!

Before You Sell Your House

Planning to sell your house? Are you sure you have everything and anything that will make the entire process easy? Well, if not, then here is a list of documents you will be needing to sell your house. Sometimes, the documents have been kept in a safe and secret place that even we cannot remember. Therefore, ensure to have a list made of all the documents you will be needing and start preparing them beforehand only to avoid any last minute confusion.

Before You Sell Your House

  • Know About The Warranty: if you have appliances in the house then ensure to know about the warranty for each item. Also, apart from appliances, see if the roof, the furnace, or any other thing falls under the category of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The Premises Survey Document: it does not matter if you have an old survey document. This document is highly important as it marks the boundaries of a property, proper measurements of the structure are mentioned, and details regarding the right to enter the house are mentioned. This document aids the buying party to save close to $1000.
  • The Repair Documents: sometimes you need a building permit in order to get anything repaired. Ensure you have that document at the time of selling the house. During house inspection, when the respective person will be scanning your house and will find a different structure from the original house then he will be needing this building permit to see all rules are abided by the law. Also, if you have got repaired anything like the wiring, the roof, and the replacement of the appliances then make certain you have the proof of all of these.
  • The Property Tax Statements: if you do not have these then do not worry as you can easily get these from the municipal office. Also, under the fixed cost section, the insurance cost of the owner and miscellaneous expenses such as snow removal, landscaping, gardening maintenance will be mentioned. Mind you – these are only a part of the property expense if these tasks are not done by the property owner himself. Here is a tip to avoid the agent fee if selling your house is on your to-do-list; contact North Carolina house buyers if you simply just want to sell the house without any terms and conditions.
  • The Original Legal Document of The House: this is the sales document between the original owner and the party who is selling the house now. This deed ensures that the person selling the house is the real owner of the property and with the help of this document, the ownership of the house can be transferred to the buyers. Also, the original purchase and sale document will be needed which will help the buyer to figure out since when you originally owned the property.

All in all, having these documents handy will help you in selling the house quickly. However, ensure the person you are selling your house respect your time and energy and pays you quite decent in return.

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