Local SEO Guide for Beginners

Local SEO Guide

Local search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a business website and its contents so that when local online shoppers search for a product or service offered by the business, it would show up in top search engine results.

Local SEO is a specialist and sophisticated digital marketing tool and its successful implementation requires in-depth knowledge of SEO aimed at improving a website’s search engine rankings. For online small businesses as well as physical stores, local SEO is an indispensable means to boost traffic to their websites and thereby target greater revenues over a period of time.

Local SEO Guide

How does Local SEO work?

Let’s take an example: You have a medium-sized catering company that serves the neighborhood and surrounding areas. You want to improve your revenues or are targeting a particular holiday season to send out special offers. In a nutshell, you want your potential customers to find you when they look for catering services online. For this to happen, you need a wide range of relevant search queries to lead potential customers to your website; for instance, catering for bachelor’s party; Italian catering for 25 people; birthday catering; and so on. Based on the keywords and key phrases that best describe your services, your SEO agency will optimize your website with the right keywords so that when local users type those words on Google, your site will show up in the top search results.

However, local SEO is not only about placing the right keywords at strategic places on your website (known as keyword optimization). It involves a lot more than that. Some of the most important components of Local and Small Business SEO are as follows:

  • Website analysis to check for loading speed, keyword placement, user-friendliness, etc.
  • Keyword analysis followed by keyword optimization (as explained previously)
  • Guest posting, that is, publishing articles, blog posts and videos about your business on leading blogs and websites in your niche
  • Building a robust network of high-quality backlinks that bring readers from high-authority sites to your website
  • Local maps optimization, that is, accurate listing of your name, address and phone number on Google Maps
  • Competitor analysis in terms of keywords targeted, website quality and SEO strategy
  • Monthly reports detailing the impact of local SEO on improving your search engine ranking and web traffic
  • Meta tags optimization and Robot.txt analysis

Local SEO is, thus, a complete and comprehensive tool that makes online marketing affordable for small business owners with budget limitations. It increases your outreach through keyword optimization, increases your visibility through ethical backlinking, and builds your brand’s reputation through quality guest posts. Take a look at submitcore’s guest blogging service to know what it entails and how much it costs.

Is Local SEO affordable?

This depends greatly on the price of the package you are being offered and what is being offered in that SEO package. Digital experts strongly advise SMEs against falling for the cheapest local SEO services as you are likely to be served by novice internet marketers with little or no experience in running an effective SEO campaign.

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