Most Advanced and Lightweight Pool Cleaner You Can Buy For a Large Pool.

Dolphin 99996403-PC cleaner

Most Advanced and Lightweight Pool Cleaner You Can Buy For a Large Pool.

Different people use swimming pools for unwinding, exercising, or having a great time; which makes regular pool cleaning a necessity. But, cleaning your pool now and then without using a machine might prove challenging. If you’re wondering how to untangle your Polaris, or how to acquire proper cleaning tools for your pool, worry no more! There are multiple superior pool cleaners in the market. But, if you need a pool cleaner that will take your pool maintenance to the next level, a robotic cleaner is a plus.

Below are super lightweight pool cleaners for large pools:

  1. Dolphin 99996403-PC cleaner

Dolphin 99996403-PC cleaner

Dolphin pool cleaner is one of most excellent pool cleaning tool in the market. It uses a superior design to glide, ascend walls, and rollover your pool. It operates by moving around the pool surface, scrubbing, and vacuuming and debris/particles off your pool water. 

This cleaner also features an inbuilt filter for smaller debris that other cleaners may neglect. Moreover, everything is automatic, so you don’t have to fret about intricate settings or programming to set up this option.

  1. Dolphin Premier Robotic 2018

Dolphin Premier Robotic 2018


The Dolphin Premier Robotic 2018 not only cleans the pool floor but is versatile enough to climb and scrub the walls. Moreover, it can maximize pool cleanliness. Thanks to its smart technology that keeps track of places that it has already cleaned. It comprises of three distinct cleaning solutions perfect for maintaining the peak levels of cleanliness.

It also features a smart control with a weekly timer. Meaning it will clean your pool without you having to remember to set the cleaning schedule often. Are you wondering how to keep pool hose from tangling? It comes with a tangle-free swivel, and this reduces the chances of being stuck in your pool corners. So, you’ll never come home to find that the robot didn’t do an excellent job.

  1. Polaris F9450 Sport

Polaris F9450 Sport

The Polaris F9450 Sport is made of Vortex vacuum technology and collects more than four times the debris load of other cleaners. It features a large filter canister with four times the capacity of other comparable cleaners. 

It can scrub pool floor, walls, tile line thanks to its pleated scrubbing brush. More so, it cleans all pool surfaces up to 50 ft in length, making it ideal for large pools.

  1. iRobot Mirra 530

iRobot Mirra 530

The iRobot is renowned for its vacuum cleaning robots and is perfect for all pool sizes. It features an integrated pump and filter system to filter through 70 gallons of water per minute, resulting in a vacuum that can sift dirt and algae for cleaner water. Further, it comprises of a sturdy PVC scrubbing brush to clean oil, bacteria and other tiny particles that may collect at the waterline.

The self-contained vacuum necessitates no installation and will operate at the push of a button. More so, it has an inbuilt sensor that detects the direction of the cleaner, allowing it to shift directions accordingly without getting tangled. It also has drain valves at the base, making it easy to empty the vacuum after cleaning.

  1. The Aquabot Turbo T

The Aquabot Turbo T

The Aquabot Turbo T is the solution to your pool cleaning chores. Not only will it make your pool clean but will do so in half the time as compared to other cleaners. It’s a lightweight of 17lbs and cleans up to 50′ in length, no matter the pool shape or surface. 

Moreover, it pulls up more debris and will decrease up to 50% of the typical wear and tear of your pool lining. It’s user-friendly and functions with the push of a button.

Take home

There are great lightweight cleaners to suit your cleaning requirements. However, every pool design is different, and your options for the types of filters may be limited. So, be sure how the chosen cleaner works before making a purchase.

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