Do You Need To Hire A Lawyer?

If by any chance you or the other party got injured in a car accident, there might be a need to hire a lawyer to look after the car insurance claim process. If you have only suffered minor injuries, it will not inhibit your daily activities and it can also heal in a couple of weeks. However, the insurance company will take care of the process right from the repairs of the car to the payment of medical bills. You might feel that managing the insurance claim is a simple and straightforward task that you can handle by yourself, but once you go about it, you will realize that it is not the easiest road you are walking on. There are a number of complexities involved in the process which is why you need an attorney to answer questions for you and to represent you in the court.

When should you file a lawsuit?

Keep in mind that there are many limitations here. You cannot sue everyone by filing a lawsuit. Some states will allow the drivers to file for a settlement for lost wages as well as suffering from their insurers and there are many other states which limit the settlement to only those victims who want to sue the driver at fault.

What is the right time to introduce a lawyer in the picture?

In Case of minor injuries where the settlement amount is restricted to $1,000 in medical bills, it is possible for you to simply negotiate the settlement with the adjuster by learning throughout the process. There are two types of claims – one are the small claims which have a small settlement amount and then there are big claims with an amount exceeding $3,000. In some cases, there will be no issues in acquiring money from the insurance company and this is when you should not think of hiring an attorney. However, if you are not well versed with the process of filing a claim and submitting evidence, you might feel overwhelmed and this is when an attorney can make a difference. This is why David Preszler from Preszler Law says that self-represented litigants are far less likely to prevail, especially against a well-represented defendant. An attorney can ensure that you receive maximum amount to cover for the medical expenses as well as the lost wages in addition to the cost of repairs for the car.

For what type of accidents should one consider hiring an attorney?

If you were involved in any of the below mentioned accidents, hiring a lawyer would make a difference to the case.

  • A motorcycle
  • A defective part in your car
  • A bus or an 18 wheeler
  • A bicyclist or pedestrian
  • A head on collision
  • A driver under any influence of a substance
  • Permanent injury
  • Road construction
  • Inadequate coverage for the damages or injuries
  • Missed work as well as wages that have not been reimbursed.

If you have gone through any of these situations, you need not wait for the insurance company and hire an attorney at the earliest. If you take a lot of time to negotiate with the insurer, it will become easy for the third party to build a case against you and it will also limit the options of the attorney to build a strong case for you. The best is to contact an attorney at the earliest and speak to them about your situation.

When should you pursue and when to settle a lawsuit?

Majority insurance companies aim to attempt smaller settlement amounts immediately so as to avoid heading to a court. If you accept the first offer, you might feel like you have got enough money but if the injuries remain and you end up missing too many days at work, settling for a few thousand will be a mistake. If you think that the money offered by them is not enough to cover your financial losses, you should not accept the settlement and hire an attorney. With an attorney, the members of a legal team will investigate the case and will support your position. They will handle your medical bills and will also help you get more from the insurance company.

There are a lot of attorneys who are experts in car accident cases and they do not need any upfront payment. They only charge if the client wins the case and this is known as a contingent fee. Choose an experienced attorney for your case and ensure that there is enough evidence to help you get a higher settlement amount from the insurance company.

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