All you needed to know about Waterbirth

Waterbirth Process

Waterbirth is a method of giving birth in a pool or tub filled with warm water. You can choose to labour in the water and deliver the baby outside or carry on with the delivery in the water. Your baby has been in the amniotic fluid sac for nearly nine months now, and a similar environment outside will be beneficial for it. This makes the delivery less stressful for the mother and is also considered to be gentler for the baby.

Waterbirth Process

Preparing for a waterbirth

If you have registered yourself at the nearest pregnancy hospital in Pune and are keen on a waterbirth, prepare in the following ways:

  • Check if your hospital is equipped for a waterbirth in terms of expertise and necessary equipment.
  • Although more and more hospitals welcome waterbirths, it is best to check the hospital’s policies before registering yourself.
  • Check with your insurance company about their conditions covering waterbirth.

Benefits of waterbirth are as follows:

For Mother:

  • Warm water feels soothing and relaxing, providing comfort all over.
  • Mother’s weight is reduced due to water buoyancy effect, and one can assume new positions because of the free movements.
  • Being in water enhances energy, especially in the latter stages of labour.
  • Buoyancy can initiate better uterine contractions and lead to better blood circulation. The uterine muscles are better oxygenated which helps in reducing physical pain.
  • It helps to bring blood pressure to normal levels and reduces anxiety too.
  • Due to the physical relaxation, the woman is able to focus on the actual birthing process.

For the baby:

  • Since the environment is similar to that of the amniotic sac, it helps the baby in adjusting to the external world.
  • Waterbirth provides a secure and reassuring feeling to the baby, which reduces the stress of birth to a great extent.

When you should not consider waterbirth as an option

The following situations are not ideal for waterbirth:

  • Do not choose waterbirth as a delivery method if you have herpes. Herpes is easily transferable through water and can infect the baby quickly.
  • Discuss with your doctor about the risks involved if your baby is in breech position.
  • If you are carrying twins or triplets, it may be a good idea to confirm if waterbirth can be a good choice.
  • If you have been diagnosed with any infection or excessive bleeding, waterbirth may be a risk.

Note: It is important to ensure that the water temperature isn’t too hot nor too cold for the baby and the mother’s comfort.

Waterbirths should always be carried out under the observation of a qualified doctor or midwife to ensure the safety of both, the mother and baby. However, if you are keen to explore this option for yourself, you should understand the process in detail before you choose to deliver your baby in the best maternity hospital in Pune.

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