Our Team

Behind every news, you read on LatestGazette, there are efforts by team members. We know, you are also curious to know about the awesome team. So, here we introduce you to the amazing team members.

Ajay Damraliya, Founder & Editor in Chief

Ajay Damraliya, calls himself the “Manager” here. But before Latestgazette, he has also worked on various technology blogs. He mainly looks out at the content on the site and maintains the server. He also likes to write blogs on latest business trends in the country.

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Vivek Sancheti, CTO of Latestgazette

Vivek Sancheti is an advertising professional and a creative consultant. He is writing technology blogs since last 6 years. He reviews all the content that revolves around the Latestgazette. He has also helped many businesses with the help of his marketing skills.

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Mayur Sojitra, Journalist & Editor at Latestgazette

Mayur Sojitra is a tech enthusiast, who likes to cover topics of Technology. Besides this, he is also very much interested in Football, chess and buying latest Technology gadgets. He likes to cover articles on latest technological gadgets.

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Girish Vidhani, SEO & SMO Manager at Latestgazette

Girish Vidhani is the true gizmo freak, he likes to cover topics on Banking, Technology, Travelling, etc. In his free time, he likes to watch movies. He likes to play Cricket and Football. He is contributing since last 1 year.

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Bharat Khandelwal, Social Media Manager at Latestgazette

Bharat Khandelwal is the animal lover, who is writing tech blogs since 15 years. He is very passionate about his love for technology. He likes to buy the latest smartphone in the market. He is well-known Techie in the circle, he has been working as a Journalist at Latestgazette.

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Pradip Chauhan, Community Enabler at Latestgazette

Pradip Chauhan, Traveller by nature and Journalist by profession. He likes to cover topics Entertainment and other stuff. He is not only writing blogs on Latestgazette but also has been featured in various travel blogs. He likes to explore new places every now and then.

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Akansha Ojha, Creative Writer at Latestgazette

She is a Student of Literature, Akansha is very much passionate about writing. She is an Avid Reader and Writer. Besides this, she is very much interested in gadgets, book, music, and much more. She is very much fond of traveling. She likes to Explore Nature and Visit new places.

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