Planet Minecraft – A Family Friendly Community: Honest Review


Are you a Minecraft player? Even if you don’t play it yourself, chances are that your children might be. As you can imagine, being as popular as it is, Minecraft generates countless resources to be found online. There are thousands upon thousands of websites, blogs, groups, and communities centered around the game. Among the most friendly and helpful of them is Planet Minecraft.

Planet Minecraft, or, is a family-friendly community of Minecraft lovers. Accessible by people of all ages, this website unites the players and provides them with lots of information, skins, texture and data packs, blogs, translations, and more. It’s also a hub where players can submit and download their own user submissions.

Whether you’re looking for a new one-stop-shop for all things Minecraft for yourself, or you want to make sure the site is safe to use by your kids, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will talk about Planet Minecraft at length, discussing the good and the bad in an honest review.

General overview

Planet Minecraft, as the name suggests, covers all things related to the popular online game. It combines a thriving community section with a whole lot of information. This creates an interesting mix of a message board and a so-called encyclopedia about the game.

It’s a fairly popular website that drives a whole lot of traffic. According to Planet Minecraft themselves, they have over 2.6 million registered users, over 2.1 million user submissions, and over 2 billion submission views

The first thing you notice is the layout. If you’re an older user, the layout may remind you of the websites you used to visit back in the 90s and 00s. In a way, it’s a bit of a breath of fresh air in comparison to the often repetitive websites of today. For younger users, it may seem a little bit outdated, but it fits in with the theme of the game.

The design is meant to closely resemble your favorite game and contains a lot of images from it. It’s also a responsive layout, so the website can be viewed on any kind of device, be it a PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

On the main page, underneath a banner with various popular skins, you find community submissions. Above that is the navigation bar with the following options:

  • Minecraft
  • Community
  • Maps
  • Skins
  • Servers
  • Forums
  • Wall posts

There’s also a handy search bar and the option to log in or sign up, which is necessary to use if you want to communicate with other players.

Let’s talk about the various sections in greater detail.


This section contains a huge amount of user-submitted content on Planet Minecraft. In here, you will find sub-sections such as:

  • Maps
  • Skins
  • Mobs (monsters)
  • Texture packs
  • Data packs
  • Mods
  • Blogs
  • Servers
  • Collections
  • Tools
  • Time machine

Some of these sub-sections are then listed again next to the Minecraft section.

The content is easy to navigate and browse. Players can submit their own game content, such as skins or maps, for others to download. Once submitted, the skins are reviewed and posted on the website.

With over 2 million submissions, this part of Planet Minecraft is booming. There’s something in here for everyone. Thanks to a lot of filters, users can curate what type of content they’re interested in. They can also sort by new, best, views, downloads, or tags, allowing them to go for the most popular options without a long search.

User submissions that are available for download can be voted and commented on, which means that the best ones make it to the top and are easier for others to find. Comments are also often used by players to troubleshoot if they’re having problems installing a pack, skin, or map.


This section is especially useful for those players that like to play with others. Here, users can list their own Minecraft servers or browse the ones that have been posted by others. If they find one that they like, they can join it and enjoy the game together.


This section resembles a crossover between old school forums and Reddit. There are multiple ways for users to interact. There are also community events and contests.

Arguably, the most active subsection here are the forums. This is the main conversation hub on Planet Minecraft. Spanning across multiple boards, these forums are thriving in terms of activity at all hours of the day and night.

Users can talk about the game, ask questions, request help, or look for others to play with. There are multiple community sections based on the different activities players engage in on the website and in the game. There are also general sections that allow users to go off-topic and discuss things unrelated to Minecraft.

Contests and events are often hosted on the website. The events are not competitive and simply call for cooperation, while contests have prizes waiting to be won. 

Players can also join Planet Minecraft’s Discord server for instantaneous communication and voice chatting.

Maps & Skins

The map section is pretty straightforward — it contains user-submitted Minecraft maps. There are some amazing creations waiting to be found in there, up for grabs for every user of Planet Minecraft. 

Players also use this section to advertise the need for map testers. What this means is that once someone creates a particular map, they ask other users to come to check it out and report any errors back to the creator.

Skins is a section that is very similar to maps. Users submit their Minecraft skins for others to comment on, favorite, and download.

Wall Posts

Somewhat similar to the forums, but also to Facebook, this part of the website allows users to say anything they want, regardless of the topic, and others can like it, reply it, or share it.  There are various things to be found here: memes, general conversation, calls for help, and so on.

Is Planet Minecraft safe for children?

While many parents worry about their children visiting message boards of all kinds, Planet Minecraft is closely moderated and mostly family-friendly. Of course, there are times when things slip past the filter and are then taken down by moderators, but those are few and far apart.

The community is often remarked on for being one of the nicest out there. There are many helpful users who dedicate a good chunk of time to just assisting others. Having browsed many different sections on the website, we have been unable to find anything not suitable for kids.

However, if you want to be 100% safe, it’s good to look through the website yourself and judge whether it’s appropriate for your child.


Planet Minecraft appears to be one of those rare gems that you may still dig up on occasion when browsing the internet. This ten-year-old community, despite the changing times, has managed to maintain a friendly, helpful atmosphere. This stands true even despite the fact that there are tens of thousands of users online at any given time.

While it’s good to think twice before allowing your child to browse any kind of website, we think that Planet Minecraft is relatively safe. It’s also chock full of resources that any Minecraft player is sure to love.

We recommend Planet Minecraft to any fan of the game, younger or older, as the ultimate hub for all Minecraft lovers.

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