PlayStation 5 – Expected Release Date, What’s New and Much More

playstation5 release date

Since PlayStation lovers heard about PS5, they have gone crazy over it and eagerly waiting for the game to be released.  But, is it really happing or just a rumor?  If the speculations are right then what is its launch date? How different will the PlayStation 5 be? What’s new will it offer?  An explosion of questions has burst among players, and we are here to answer them.

playstation5 release date

Ps5 Release Date 2018 –is it really happening?

Well, the bad news is that 2018 is not going to be the “PS5 releasing” year. Speculations were hot before Damian Thong (Macquarie Capital Securities analyst) predicted that in 2108, PS4 follow-ups would be released. Sony confirms that PS5 is going to be the successor but when it is going to happen is still a mystery.

As we know that PS4 has been the best-selling console since it entered in the market.  However, experts have said that its sales are going to be low in the upcoming days. Microsoft is planning a comeback with Xbox One X after which PS4 becomes inferior.  The analyst said that it takes a lot of efforts and money to develop and release a new version of PS4. So, when is ps5 coming out?

According to some sources, PS5 is in development but, the news is denied by Sony.  Many sources claim that then it is expected to release in 2020. Previously the game was said to be released in 2019, but later on, they changed the date.  However, the expected dates are still speculations even the experts aren’t sure about it.  Many long-term industrial experts and analysts have said that 2019 is a bit early to release such blockbuster console games.

Along with this, they are waiting for the 4K TV market to expand so that more and more households can have it. However, waiting could be longer but, it wills definitely going to release sometime in future.

Sony ps5 Specifications – new games

We are talking about future games, so it is hard to tell what kind of games we get?  However, let’s know what speculations, analysts as well as fans have to say on it?

The Last of Us (Part 2) and Death Stranding, these two games come in our mind when we think about PS4 games. Talking about the PS4 follow-ups then it is in production, but it might be possible that some of it games can be the part of PS5. If you know the history of Sony PS, then you are familiar with the thing that PS3 games were ported to the PS4. So, there are good chances that “The Last of Us: Second part” may be the part of PS5.

Talking about the “Death Stranding” then Kojima Productions is going to take a lot of time to develop this game. Kojima Productions also shares their “Death Stranding script” progress report with fans via Twitter.  Developers haven’t finished the writing part yet, and thus we can figure out that the game is far from completion.

“3-year development cycle” is required to build a game and when we consider it then “Horizon Zero Dawn” might be the game players see in PS5.  It is because the game is set to release somewhere in 2020, the year in which PS5 is speculated to be released.  Another game which could be a part of PS5 is “Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima.”  It was revealed in December 2017 at PSX. So, far, we have only seen CG trailer of this games launched by the developers.  So, if you do calculations, then the development cycle can take 18-19 months.

PlayStation 5 price

If you look at the price of PS previous consoles, then the new PS5 version would cost around the prevailing price.  It is an educated guess that is going to be costlier than the previous versions which are very obvious.  Back in 2104, PS4 (the first version) was launched by Sony at a price of $399. Later on, PS4 slim launched in 2016 cost around $299 which was $100 cheaper than the first version. Later, the most powerful PSS was sold by the company at $399.

If we look back at the price of PS3, then it was sold at $499 which was quite expensive and form that Sony had learned some essential lessons. Not many players can afford such expensive gaming consoles, and thus we can expect the cost of PS4 would be around $399.

Sony ps5 Specifications – will it be more powerful than PS4?

I think everyone knows the answer as it would be surprising if Sony introduces PS5 which isn’t more powerful than Xbox One X.  When it is about a powerful game then its price is expected to be high however it is not going to release for next two years.  We don’t know what will be the price of gaming consoles in future.  So, it’s real cost can only be determined at the time it gets a release.

The PS4 is going to have an advanced and capable CPU along with more memory which leads to higher potential frame rates. Along with this, players get the better quality texture.  We all know how Sony has been and thus it will definitely pull off something interesting and new with the PS5 controllers.  We know what it would be, but Sony has been known for iterating their game controller. Do you remember the PS3’s Sixaxis motion controller and Dualshock 4 speaker? If you do, then you know Sony does this with their controller more often.

Now talking about handheld/console hybrid, Sony will definitely try to keep a close eye on it.  Sources claim that the company will make such attempts and experiment with hybrid pie. Well, Sony had tried it in PS4 remote play, but this time they will try to get out of their comfort zone. According to the leaked information, Sony is set to try new things and will no longer stick to the “hardcore home console route.” It is very obvious because if it wants to compete, then they have to try new things.

Sony ps5 –what else can we expect?

Why do players want in PS5? Aside from speculations, backward compatibility (PS4) sounds great because it let players carry over classics and make the next console generation interesting.  Talking about the “pure power” then it is important for the developers to make PS  more powerful than PS4 pro.  In other words, it will be featuring more games running at 60FPS in 4K.  If new PS5 offers 10TF power, the players would be extremely happy. Due to this, devs can create next-generation games, and we can get an advance game.

 Sony ps5 – wish list

The second part of “The Last of Us” and Death Stranding are the most anticipated game of all time, and thus we are expecting something new in the next version (PS5). Horizon Zero Dawn (sequel of its first installment) and Ghost of Tsushima are a better way to start a new console cycle. It looks like Sony is very proud of its consoles and looking forward to making it exclusive.

We have seen that previous installments have been the inspirations of many gaming consoles. In PS5, players would love to see the games taken from PS4 or its follow-up. A new racking games or games similar to racking games would be a great idea. Players will definitely enjoy such games if Sony builds them.

As we are talking about the wish list, then players do need a new and cool PS VR headset.  Along with this, PS5 VR titles should match the PC VR games (Current high-end games). Players appreciated “Epic’s amazing Robo Recall,” and we are expecting PS5 games to be like this.

Additional information

AMD is being used by the PS4, and x86-64 architecture has used a base on which it is built. If PS5 contain this architecture, then there are more chances that we can see backward compatibility which is offered by the machine. It is hard to say whether or not players can play PS3 games in PS5 as Sony is still trying to make its players getting used to the games.  The player may get access to the old games, but right now, it is hard to accept this fact.


Sony ps5 is going to be the biggest gaming console shortly for sure. Sony always comes up with new games and knows how to make players happy? Rumors and speculations are all over the internet, but we can’t get the facts until Sony releases PS5. In this content, we have described the wish lists and rumored features of PS5.

Sony fans are waiting for the company to respond and confirm the release date of PS5 but we can’t get this game before 2020. Also, we aren’t sure that 2020 will be the year when we get this game. So, till then, enjoy the rumors as well as speculations. It will be surprising and exciting to see what Sony ps5 has new to offer us. The company knows players are expecting something out of the box.

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