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PNR Status

PNR Status: PNR stands for Passenger Name Record which is generally a record stored in the Computer Reservation System Database Which includes the details about the Passenger’s Journey or group of passengers traveling for the journey. Mainly, when a Passenger books a Reservation Ticket all the details of Passenger are stored in a Central Database. All the details of Passenger are linked with the 10 Digit Number. This 10-Digit Number is mainly called the PNR Number. All the Passengers can view their PNR Number in their tickets. PNR Status was launched firstly in the airlines. If you are searching for “PNR Status” then you have reached the Correct Place. Here you will be able to check your PNR Status easily.

PNR Status
PNR Status

PNR Status

All the details such as Name, age, Journey Date, Train Number, etc are stored in the PNR Number. We all know that Train has a limited number of seats, so sometimes you doesn’t get the reserved ticket. At times, Booking Status of any ticket in Waitlist(W/L) Changes due to the cancellation of any reserved ticket. Thus, new up to date reservation status is known as PNR Status.

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Where can I find the PNR in Ticket?

You can view the PNR on the Top Left Corner in a Printed Ticket. While in an E-Ticket, PNR is mentioned on the top in a Separate cell.

PNR Status

In How many ways PNR Status can be checked?

There are many ways by which you can check the PNR Status. PNR Status can be checked by following ways:

1. Check PNR Status Online.
2. With the help of Mobile Applications.
3. Check PNR Status using SMS.
4. On Railway Enquiry Counters at the Railway Station.
5. On the Final Reservation Chart.

Check PNR Status Online

You can check PNR Status on various sites such as RailYatri, Trainman, IRCTC, etc.
Steps to check the PNR Status online are as follows:

Firstly you have to visit any of these websites and then Enter PNR Number and click on Check. Then you will be able to know whether the Ticket is being reserved or not.

With the help of Mobile Applications

There are plenty of apps available on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Phones. You can check PNR Status from any of these Apps. These Apps are useful for Frequent Travellers.

Check PNR Status using SMS

Indian Railway has launched the SMS Service using which you can check your PNR Status from your Mobile if you don’t have the internet. To check the PNR Status on your Mobile follow the steps as given below:

1. 139 SMS Service

If you want to know the PNR Status on your Mobile Phone, sent the message as shown below:

Send it to 139
This facility is available on all Mobile Networks.

2. 5676747 SMS Service

This facility is provided by the railZone.
Sent it to 5676747

On Railway Enquiry Counters at the Railway Station

To know PNR Status, Ask the Representative available at the Railway Enquiry Counter.

On Final Reservation Chart

This Final Reservation Chart is prepared before 2-3 hrs of the Train Departure Time. The Chart will be posted on the Notice Board which you can view on the Railway Stations.

How many types of Tickets are there?

There are mainly two types of Indian Railway Tickets:

1. i-Ticket: The Tickets you book at the Railway Reservation Centre are called i-Ticket. You can also book Ticket on the official IRCTC Website. This ticket will be delivered to your home within a few days.

2. E-Ticket: This kind of Ticket can also be booked on the IRCTC Website. After booking the ticket, you have to take print out of it and show it to TTE.

How many types of Waitlist Tickets are there what is the priority of their confirmation?

The Waitlist Tickets are classified as follows:
GNWL(General Waiting List): The chances of confirmation for General Ticket is Maximum. You can get Ticket if you initiate your journey from a station near to your station and end the journey near to your final station.

CKWL(Tatkal Waiting List): At the time of booking Tatkal Ticket, if the ticket is unreserved you will get the CKWL. The first chance of reservation will be of GNWL and then CKWL. So there are too fewer chances of the Confirmation of ticket.

Besides these two types of waitlist quotas, there are also few other types of waitlist quotas for long journey which are RLWL(Remote Location Waiting List), RQWL(Request Waiting List), PQWL(Pooled Quota Waiting List), RLGN(Remote Location General Waiting List), RSWL(Roadside station Waiting List). All these quotas have a few chances of confirmation.

Categories of Indian Trains and PNR Generation

Indian Railway has distinguished Trains based on various Factors such as Halts, Speed, Route, etc. The types of Indian Trains are as follows:

1. Metro Trains: Metro Trains consists of latest technologies and services. These kind of trains are only running in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. The Government is trying to expand the Metro Trains in various other metro cities as well. These type of trains doesn’t have a PNR because you can’t reserve a seat in such trains. All Metro Trains run at a Medium speed and they run on a particular time.

2. Suburban Locals: These types of Trains only run in big cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. Also, these type of train doesn’t require any reservation and hence there is nothing like PNR Status. Suburban Train can be again divided into two parts, slow urban and fast urban. Fast Urban only stops on main stations while the slow urban stops on all the stations.

3. Passenger Trains: Passenger Trains are divided into two parts, Slow Passenger Trains, and Fast Passenger Trains. These types of trains usually run to cover the small distance between the cities. Slow Passenger trains stop at all the stations. There is no reserved seat in these trains so there is no requirement of PNR Status.

4. Express and Super-fast Express: All these trains run at a very high speed. You can reserve Seats in these Trains. To reserve a seat you will be provided PNR Status at the time of booking of Seat. If you get an Unreserved seat, you can check your PNR status according to the respective methods as described earlier.

5. Shatabdi and JanShatabdi Express: These Types of trains runs fastly as compare to all the mentioned above. These Trains us cover the Medium Distance. Here Shatabdi Express has Non-AC Coach while the JanShatabdi Express has AC-Coach. You can reserve tickets in these trains and can check the PNR Status.

6. Garib Rath: These type of trains consists of AC 3 Tier coaches and the price of the trains is comparatively much lower than all the other AC Trains. You can check PNR Status for these trains.

7. Rajdhani Express: These are High-Class Trains. The Price of the ticket of these trains is too expensive. You will get amazing services in these trains. All these trains run on a fixed schedule. These trains connect two big cities of the country. These trains have only a few stops in between. You can reserve tickets for these kinds of the train and check PNR Status.

8. Duranto Express: These types of Trains connect two big cities of India. This kind of trains doesn’t stop on any station starting from Source to Destination. These trains are started by Indian Government recently.

By keeping in mind all the methods as discussed above, you can easily check the PNR Status.

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