Portable power station: the best emergency gift idea

battery power station

The use of portable power station during or after a disaster

We all know that in the current era, we are extremely vulnerable to political instability and natural disaster. Keeping this in mind, people are tending to keep emergency preparedness kits to protect themselves from potential threats. For instance, the government of the U.S and Canada are focusing on disaster preparedness for the last couple of years. 

Recent surveys from the U.S Census Bureau and Stats Canada show that only a few people are properly prepared in the disaster event – the purpose is to prepare the population for prolonged emergencies. Purchasing a portable power station can be a bit expensive, which can help you a lot in emergencies. 

A typical case is that a recent wildfire engulfed a large portion of California, which had left the residents in the dark due to preemptive blackouts. According to DHS, it is important that people have necessary supplies such as medical-kits, food, water, and power batteries or stations. What’s more, frequent snowstorms, tornadoes, and storms also make portable power stations helpful for most American families. 

When it comes to portable power, you can either choose a battery generator or a solar generator.A battery UPS provides 1500Wh power. Most of the portable main supplies have additional AC outlets ports. Besides the increased capacity, a lithium generator like Minmax can provide enough power for different devices such as portable refrigerators, laptops, torches, and other things.   

portable power


battery power station

For an affordable price, you can get a good lithium battery power station like Minmax, which can provide plenty of power for a couple of days. You can charge lights, phones, and other gear. In this regard, one of the best portable power stations is Minmax, which features all the necessary ports that you will need. 

Traditionally, aid agencies and rescue workers have used expensive standby petrol and diesel generators or power stations. However, due to advancements in the technology world, there are alternative energy solutions like Minmax battery inverter, which is readily available. For example, in many countries of the world, including Japan, people are using fuel cells and portable power stations for household use. They are more reliable in a disaster situation. Compared with a diesel generator, Minmax lithium solar generator is light and robust with long standby time, which supports plug and play functionality and generates no noise during operation.

Minmax is also small in size with trolley wheels that you can bring it like carry-on luggage. So, it is a great portable device, which provides power on the go as well as can charge almost any device that falls under the power capacity of the power station. 

In the event of a disaster, when you have dead batteries and need power, you can use the Minmax power station, which has Li-ion cells that are even more powerful to jumpstart your car or boat or truck, etc. Compared to traditional jumper cables, this device is quite safe for people of all ages – that likewise features powerful LED flashlight – allowing you to see clearly in the dark.  

Lastly, it is a great portable feature of the product that experts recommend this product to be used in every situation, including emergencies like a flood, fire outbursts, or any other natural disaster. It would be a great addition to your emergency preparedness kits. Also, if you are preparing a gift for your loved ones, it’s great to choose a portable power station as an emergency preparedness gift idea. 

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