Preparation Tips for Class 10 Maths and Science Board Exams

Exam preparation

Tension mounts within the students of class 10 as their board exam approaches. During preparations, you will come across several suggestions and ways to perform well from teachers and exam experts. However, for successful completion, two important factors, namely, time management and suitable preparation strategy play a vital role. But the biggest question is how to utilize time and prepare an appropriate study plan? So, here are some of the study plans for students preparing for class 10 board exams.

Exam preparation

Stick to NCERT Textbooks

NCERT textbooks are the best resource for board exam preparations. A majority of questions in board exams are picked from NCERT textbooks. Therefore, instead of directly jumping to reference books, the students are advised to kick-start their preparations from NCERT textbooks. Give more focus to textbook questions provided after every chapter. In case of any queries, the students are suggested to refer NCERT Solutions for class 10 to clear all their doubts and have a better understanding of concepts.

Know the Syllabus

Before starting your preparations the students are suggested to analyse all the topics covered in the syllabus of class 10 board exams and accordingly plan your preparations. Due to the vastness of syllabus, the students are advised to strictly follow Board exam syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. In exams, around 85% to 90% questions are from NCERT textbooks. Therefore, map your syllabus from NCERT books and prepare each line from them.

Analyze the Exam Pattern

The students are advised to solve sample papers and mock tests to get familiar with the exam pattern. Never try to understand the same concepts from multiple books as it leads to the confusion of concepts. However, for a better understanding of conceptual applications, you can practice problems from reference books as well.

Make Proper Notes

Notes play a vital role at the time of revision. Proper notes will help you in quick revision at later stages. Instead of memorizing, try understanding concepts through visualization.  You can never underestimate the importance of revision. It is essential for students to plan their revision strategy well in advance to avoid the forgetting of concepts.

Since a majority of questions are asked from NCERT textbooks, therefore, the students are advised to make proper notes of NCERT solutions for class 10 science and maths to avoid confusion during examination time. Visit My NCERT Solutions for more resources and study materials like sample papers, practice questions, revision notes and more.

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