Preparing For A Getaway At The Beach

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If there’s a place that looks a lot like heaven, it probably is a beach. With the feel of the wind whistling through your hair strands, the warm sun warming you up from the inside, and all those waves to catch, beaches are probably one of the best places on earth to relax at.

It is also a place that needs the perfect picnic hamper along, filled with goodies to pamper yourself during your time in the sun.

Let’s explore that perfect list of things to take to the beach to ensure you have a great day relaxing and simply being blissful at the beach.

beach gateway

Beach Tote

Going to the beach and coming home translates to a lot of sand in your things. This unintended sand can be prevented by using a sand-free tote bag or Ziploc for your things to ensure they stay far from the sand. You can put all your creams, balms and snacks into the pouch and keep it sand free throughout the day out.

A Beach Towel

An obvious item to add to the bag, beach towels can be a lifesaver in several situations. You can even carry a spare and leave it in the car to be safe. Spreading a towel on a beach and relishing the sun lying on it is simply too good to be true.

Make sure you take a soft one so that you would be more comfortable as well. You can also use the towel as a play area for the little ones or sit together as a family to enjoy the beach lunch.

Easy To Carry Cooler

During your time in the sun, a perfect addition would be a cold glass of your favorite drink. Carrying an easy to carry cooler to the beach can simply be a great idea. You can fill it with drinks and maybe even some dessert. You can find several small coolers that are as small as a bag in the market which could serve this purpose.

A Glass Made For Beach Use

Often you notice people sipping their beach drinks from a cheap red plastic cup and creating waste. You can find some great beach glasses from different websites that come with a specially designed base to ensure it stands straight when placed on the sand. These BPA-free acrylic glasses are dishwasher friendly a well and even float if you want to use it in a swimming pool! Well, when going to a beach you also need to ensure that you do not indulge in activities that harm yourself and others. For instance, Megan Jones from Seaside Planet explains that it is bad etiquette to feed birds or smoke when you are at the beach.

A Bottle Of Water

While you may be filled with carbonated or caffeinated beverages, it is important that you drink water. Carry a medium sized bottle of pure water to the beach and sip occasionally to ensure you stay hydrated and healthy as ever. To be safe, you can opt for a BPA-free bottle for the purpose as well. You can find several innovative products for the beach in many stores.


The obvious item on the list, sunscreen is the one item you can never forget during a trip to the beach. Make sure you are using the right kind of sunscreen with the right amount of protection depending on the area and climate. Do not use old bottles that have been left abandoned since last summer and simply buy a tube of your favorite sunscreen and let your skin glow. You can choose a lightweight cream and lather all over your exposed skin.

Beach Tent

If you love the shade as much as you love the sun, this invention will be one that suits you well. A beach tent can provide some cooling off space and privacy from the crowd at the beach. If you stay in an area where it may shower, the tent can protect you as well. You can choose the size of the tent based on your group size.

A Hydrating Lip Balm

Lips are one of the softest areas of your face and dry up sooner than any other portion. Hence it is important that you provide adequate nourishment and hydration to them. You can get a lip balm that’s naturally flavored with coconut oil or any of your favorite flavors to give your lips shine and also keep them healthy as ever.

Waterproof Speakers

If you want to add some jazz to your day out, you can even carry along your waterproof speaker to the beach. What better way to soak in the sun with your loved ones than doing it while listening to some music along! There are plenty of portable Bluetooth speakers in the market that come at a reasonable price you can shop for.

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