Quick Look at the Features You Should Look for in Your Next Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset

Quick Look at the Features You Should Look for in Your Next Gaming Headset

Headphones intended for playing games have specific characteristics to give you the best performance during your gaming sessions. It’s not important how good or experienced you are at video games. Choosing the best gaming headset is even more critical. It’s the one only decisive accessory you need to get the most out of every game. 

Sounds counts for 30% of the main aspects of a video game. It’s the sound that beams each gamer in the world inside the game. The quality of the sounds you hear when playing depends mostly on what gaming headset you use. 

Gaming Headset

What we mean is that if you wear a very uncomfortable gaming headset that does not isolate you from all the noises around you, there won’t be any possibilities for you to enjoy all the details of that game. If the gaming headset has a weak sound system which mixes together all the tones and the voices you hear, say good-bye to the magic of the game. You spent most of your budget to get the one video game you love, and then you end up ruining your gaming experience just to save a few bucks on a better set of gaming headset. Unfortunately, that’s pretty common but not legit at all. 

How to choose your next gaming headset

Several features distinguish a mainstream set of headphones from others that are less popular but equally worthy. The top one on our list is the quality of the sound you hear, but the level of comfort, as well as the presence of extra features, are actually just as important. Gaming headset manufacturers tend to aim high by creating products that are meant to be used for communicating, are designed to be incredibly comfortable, and are equipped with a high-quality microphone. 

The microphone is a fundamental aspect of the best gaming headsets because it allows you to count on crystal-clear and straightforward communication with your fellow players. To choose the best gaming headset, it is also essential to consider the presence of additional features such as noise canceling system. How comfortable wearing these gaming headsets can be is actually a vital aspect that you should not overlook during the game.

When it comes to the design of the best gaming headset, the most critical factor is not actually how beautiful it looks, but preferably its shape. From the material used for the ear pads to the weight of the headset, there are several elements that you should take into consideration.

The sound quality offered by a gaming headset is a very complicated factor that would require a whole new article. The main feature concerning the audio to be evaluated is the input-output method that can be done either via USB port or through a 3.5 mm double jack.

G951S Purple

Our recommendation

As you can imagine, there are tons and tons of gaming headphones available on the market nowadays. It’s pretty easy to get confused and feeling overwhelmed. So that’s why we have picked our favorite gaming headset just for you. It’s coming from a band called SOMiC, which has been creating all sorts of gaming headsets, music headphones, and earphones for over 20 years. In particular, they have recently released a new model of gaming headset called the SOMiC G951S Purple. With a nice mix between lilac and lavender, the G951S Purple gaming headset also has detachable cat ears. They are made of silicone, and the rest of the headphones are made of durable plastic, with some metal parts. The 3.5-mm plug ensures strong compatibility with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, computers, laptops, iPad, iPhone. They are perfect for gaming and for chatting, and a beautiful gift for girl gamers and children aged between 9 and 16. Besides the built-in 40-mm high-fidelity speakers for a rich bass effect, the G951S Purple also has a flexible microphone and a self-adjustable headband. 

All these features – and even more of them – make this gaming headset a must-have for all gamers!

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