Reasons To Invest In A Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Bio Ethanol Fire Place

Fireplaces are now a standard feature in most modern home designs. Although once considered as a costly investment, many homeowners today are investing in ethanol fireplaces which not only improve the home’s aesthetic appeal but also comes with additional health benefits. In addition to this, ethanol fireplaces are easy to install for they don’t require the expensive ventilation or daily maintenance traditional fireplaces needed.

Bio Ethanol Fire Place

Advantages of Investing In a Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

  1. It’s stylish

Whether looking for a tabletop or wall fireplace, ethanol fireplaces come in various contemporary, attractive, and exquisite designs. The fireplace looks appealing even when turned off as well, which makes it stand out from the competition. You can, therefore, use the ethanol fireplace as a focal point for the room or house.

  1. It is eco-friendly

According to Ethanol Fireplace Pros bioethanol is produced from organic materials such as sugar crops and starch crops.  Ethanol also burns cleanly producing very little smoke and water vapor. Using a bioethanol fireplace, therefore, reduces your carbon footprint significantly, hence well for the environment. In addition to this, you won’t have to cut down trees just to get fuel for your fireplace. This means no deforestation or habitat loss simply because people are looking for fuel or using fossil fuels in their homes.

  1. Requires very little maintenance

The fireplace doesn’t produce any by-products such as ash or smoke as most other fireplaces do. For this reason, you rarely (if ever) have to get rid of ash or wipe away soot produced by the same. Bioethanol burns entirely hence do not produce any smoke or ash.  All you need to do is ensure it is fueled up. You also never have to worry about calling a technician to repair or maintain the fireplace. The feature is self-sufficient and rarely breaks down.

  1. Does not require additional ventilation

As mentioned earlier, bioethanol fireplaces produce no soot. You therefore don’t need to add extra ventilation to your house to be able to use the fireplace safely. This therefore means you can use the fireplace in an apartment and never risk suffocating from lack of oxygen or soot buildup. The fireplace also comes in handy in boutiques, restaurants, and businesses. You however may have to open a window a bit to let fresh air in to compensate for oxygen needed for ethanol combustion.

  1. It is a healthy option

Firewood fueled fireplaces produce smoke and other poisonous gases that can be bad for your health. Firewall also produces gases and particles often linked to lung diseases, asthma, cancer, and even heart diseases. A bioethanol fireplace however burns cleanly producing adequate heat to keep you warm through the night. You also never have to worry about poisonous gases as it does not produce any. For these reasons, investing in a bioethanol fireplace is considerably safer, cost-effective, and a healthy option.

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