Reliance Jio Offering 224GB data to new JioFI users

Reliance Jio Offering 224GB data to new JioFI users

Reliance Jio Offering 224GB data to new JioFI users: Reliance Jio has made a revolution in the Indian Telecom Sector. Currently, Reliance Jio promotional offers such as Jio Surprise offer and Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan are about to end for all the users this month. Also, free SMS and Jio apps are going to end. In order to provide more value to the Customers, Reliance Jio Offering 224GB data to new JioFI users.

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Reliance Jio Offering 224GB data to new JioFI users

Reliance Jio Offering 224GB data to new JioFI users

Here’s is the deal:

In the new offer, Jio offers customers 224GB data on purchasing new JioFI and new Jio SIM Card. In order to avail this service, the Customers have to first sign up for the Rs 99 Jio Subscription Service and then simply recharge with the plan in which this offers is available.

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What is the offer?

The basic pack starts at a price of just Rs 149. In this offer, all the users have to pay Rs 149 for 2GB data for 12 recharge cycles(1 Cycle = 28 days). This means users get 2GB data per month for next 12 months at a price of just of Rs 149. On the contrary, all the current Jio users get 2GB data at Rs 149 for 28 days only.

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Here’s is the deal:

Special Offers include recharge of Rs 309 in which Jio offers 1GB data per day for 6 recharge cycles (Here 1 Cycle has a validity of 28 days) a providing total 168GB of data. This offer is double as compared to the Jio Summer Surprise and Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer. Other offers include Recharge of Rs 509, in which it offers 2GB data per day for 4 Recharge cycles(1 Cycle= 28 days), making a total of 224GB of data. This offers is much higher as compared to current Rs 509 pack.

Other deals:

In the Rs 999, the company offers 60GB data for two Recharge Cycles (Here one recharge cycle is of 60 days.). Hence, it offers 120GB to all the new JioFi users. However, the Standard Rs 999 recharge offers 60GB data for 60 days.

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Where to get the offer?

All the users get can purchase JioFi from the Reliance Digital Stores, Jio Outlets or Online. One of the major point to be noted is, all the users need to first buy the JioFi router and a Jio SIM to enjoy this offer. The JioFi router cost is Rs 1999.

If a user thinks to save data, then also he has to pay Rs 1,999 in order to buy the Jio’s Device.

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