Several Tips on Selecting the Solar Power Storage System

Several Tips on Selecting the Solar Power Storage System

The solar power storage system is not a standardized product; the same configuration is not necessarily suitable for all users. It is designed and configured according to the user’s applications. In different places, environment and climate vary a lot, and the user types would differ.

For example: in some areas, the temperature differences between morning and evening are significant in winter, sometimes the temperature reaches minus ten degrees. In such an environment, if the battery used in the power generation system is the lead-acid battery, the liquid in the battery will freeze and lead to the insufficient power supply.

Many customers know little about this. What kind of solar power system should they choose? The following factors ought to be taken into account in the purchase of solar power storage system.

First of all, is the solar power system used for pure lighting or household appliances?

According to its functions, the solar power storage system can be divided into two types: one is the domestic DC lighting system for simple lighting; the other is the 220 V AC output power generation system for both light and household appliances. The lighting system is the most cost-effective power generation system with simple functions, but it can not be used for household appliances. For household appliances, an inverter is added in service to convert the direct current of solar energy into 220V alternating current.

Secondly, is it better to choose the portable all-in-one machine or the combined one?

The portable all-in-one machine is also easy to carry, developed, and designed. With the characteristics of easiness to take and installation-free, it is very suitable for outdoor camping. Still, due to the limited volume, the storage capacity is small, and the cost is high. The combined type needs a simple installation and large storage capacity, which is practical and affordable because it is also more suitable for home users and outdoor residences.

Would you like to choose an off-grid or on-grid connection?

As we know, recently, there are two types of solar power storage systems: off-grid and on-grid. On-grid, there are two kinds of energy storage equipment and no energy storage equipment. Every type of component is different, and a suitable place is different. The most important thing is that the cost varies a lot. Generally speaking, the value of the off-grid system is much higher than that of the grid-connected mode, and the grid-connected system with energy storage equipment is higher than that without energy storage equipment. The off-grid solar power storage system is suitable for any place to use, while grid connection is only suitable for areas with a public grid that can be incorporated.

Finally, we need to consider about the system capacity.

System capacity refers to the scale of solar power storage system, which directly determines the amount of electricity generated in a day. Generally, “W” is used to represent watt. No matter in grid-connected or off-grid power generation systems, system capacity refers to the number of solar panels installed. But for the off-grid power generation system, some manufacturers use the output power of the inverter to express the system capacity, which is not a professional expression method. We should pay attention to it when purchasing.

Therefore, when choosing the solar power storage system, customers should first select the pure lighting or household appliances according to their own needs, and then consider the off-grid or grid-connected ones. If it is used in the area without electricity and power shortage, the off-grid power generation system is the only choice; if it is convenient to use electricity, to save the cost of electricity, the grid-connected power generation system could be selected. Besides, for small-scale power generation systems under 1000 watts, the off-grid type can be selected; if it is more than 2000 Watts, the grid-connected mode can be considered as much as possible.Now the state has policies to support grid connection, which is a great advantage!

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