Skip Pre-Owned Cars – Get a Brand New One at the Same Price

We make a lot of compromises in life, including our own freedom and mobility. Every day, we negotiate public transport and bargain with auto-drivers who assume we are millionaires. When we finally decide to buy a car, we go for a pre-owned model. There are many websites where you can buy cars online at a low rate but there are certain liabilities too. A car is an expensive acquisition and your new ‘pre-owned’ car will soon make you pay for extra maintenance. What if there was a solution, which allowed you to buy a brand new car and help you pay the EMIs too? The answer is – yes, there is.

Zoomcar’s Associate Program, or ZAP, helps you pay back your new car costs by listing it on the Zoomcar platform. So when you do not need your car it can hit the road with India’s top rental, and earn precious extra income for you. That extra income will go a long way into paying back those pesky EMIs, and, you have a new car to drive around whenever you want to.

The best part about being a ZAPster is, you can even use Zoomcar’s reach to buy a new car at discounted prices. This is because Zoomcar has built great relationships with India’s top car manufacturers like Maruti, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and many more. You can also reach out to a nationwide network of car finance providers and find yourself the perfect scheme.

Those who have already bought their new cars and are looking to join the ZAP revolution can get started straight away, after fulfilling simple prerequisites. The car needs to be registered with a commercial license under Zoomcar – this absolves you from all liabilities when it is on the road with Zoomcar.

Your car will also need to be fitted with Cadabra, a proprietary software tool which will help you save thousands of rupees on maintenance. What Cadabra does is that it keeps an eye on car usage and the different components of your vehicle. It sends you alerts on the app, so you when something needs a check. This kind of smart preventive maintenance is a unique feature which you will benefit from.

Listing your car on Zoomcar is really easy – it is done on an app and there is no interaction required with the customers. You can also track your car anytime. List your car with Zoomcar when you are not using it.

ZAP allows you to get a little ambitious and still not spend more. You will be getting a low price car and using it with no extra effort to earn back its EMI costs. With such assurances, you can opt for buying a larger car or a top model variant, something you may not have ventured for on your own. Some ZAPsters across India are earning up to Rs 20,000 a month by listing their cars on the Zoomcar platform regularly. You too can make your dream of owning a car come true, and negotiate the costs easily with ZAP.

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