Spot Your Train – Using Train Number and Journey Station via NTES

Spot Your Train

Spot Your Train: Indian Railway is State-Owned Company which is controlled by Government of India and Ministry of Railways. India has the 4th largest Rail Network in the world. United States, China, and Russia possesses the top 3 spots for the world’s biggest railway network. Indian Railway Networks are spread over more than 92,080 km of track over a root of more than 66,680 km and has more than 7200 stations in the country as per 2016. Also, Railways carried more than 8.1 Billion Passengers yearly which means more than 22 million passengers per day and about 1.1 billion tons of cargo yearly in 2016. You can easily spot your train by following the steps provided below.

Spot Your Train

Spot Your Train

You can Spot your Train live station using various methods as given below:

1. You can instantly spot your train’s status on any official or unofficial website.
2. You can check on any app available for Android, iOS or Windows.
3. You can also know the status of your Train by Calling 139.

Unable to Spot Your Train

Some reasons due to which you will not be able to spot your train.

1. The train doesn’t run on the date that you have mentioned.
2. Maybe the train is not yet started from its Origin.

What kind of information can be obtained from Train Running Status?

The following information can be obtained.
1. You can view the current location of the train.
2. You can view the last station from where the train was departed.
3. Also, you can view the delay time.
4. Estimated arrival time at the Station.
5. Estimated departure time from a particular station.

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How to Spot Your Train’s Live Station?

Various Ways to “Spot your Train” are available below:

1. Step by Step procedure to “Spot Your Train” from a website is given below:

  • First of all, Head over to the Indianrail website.
  • Enter OK and then you will view the search box, Enter your Train No in it.
Spot Your Train
Enter Train Number
  •  Now you have to enter the Station from which you have started your journey and select the date.
Spot Your Train
Select Boarding Station and Date
  • Now you will get details about Time at which the Train was departed from that station. Also, you will get information about the last station from where the train have been departed.
Spot Your Train
Train Live Status
  • Now Click anywhere on the Status, you will be able to know complete schedule of the Train on that day.
Spot Your Train
Train Schedule
  • On the right-hand size, you will see an option “View on Map”. By clicking on it, you will be able to view the full detail about Timing of that particular train on that day.



Spot Your Train
View on Map
Spot Your Train
Train Schedule
  • Apart from this, there is also another button available, Refresh, by clicking on it you will be able to know the current status.

2. You can also Spot your Train by calling the Number 139. You will get the current location of the train from that Number. The Operator will charge some amount to know the information.

3. You can also “Spot your Train” on your Android, iOS or Windows Mobile app. Using railway apps, you will be able to perform various functions.


NTES Stands for National Train Enquiry System. This portal is started by the Indian Railways. Using this portal, you can spot your train online and can also know the train schedule. Here in this portal, Indian Railways provides information about the last station from which the train departed and also by how many minutes the train got delayed. They will not update the status until the train reaches the next train. As soon as the Train reaches the station, the status will be updated within a couple of minutes. In this way, you will be able to “Spot your Train”. Using this portal, you can access various Rail services.

Besides this information, as you head over to the you will also be able to perform various other activities like Live Station, Train Between Station, Train Schedule, Trains Cancelled, Rescheduled and Diverted.

Live Station: In Live Station, You have to enter the Station name from where you want to start the journey. Also, you can select other information as Going to which city, Trains within how many hours and which type of train you want.

Train Between Stations: Here you can view various trains that are running between the two stations.

Train Schedule: Here you have to enter the Train No and you will be able to view the complete schedule of that train.

Train Cancelled: It displays all the Trains that are canceled.

Rescheduled: Here you can view all the trains that are rescheduled.

Diverted Trains: Here you can view details about all the trains that are diverted due to one or the other reason.

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Overview of Indian Railways

Indian Railways run more than 13,300 Passenger Trains Everyday as per the year 2016. All the Mail or Express Trains runs at an average speed of 50 km/hr on the broad gauge and more than 34 km/hr on the meter gauge. As per 2016, out of total 66,687 route length, 22,555 km was electrified and 21,237 km was made Double or Multiple line route.

As per 2016, India has the 8th largest Employee Base in the world with around 1.3 million people working in Railway Sector. Also, Railways earned a revenue of ₹ 1.6 trillion in the year 2016, out of which ₹1.06 trillion was earned from cargo and ₹ 442 million revenue was earned from passengers.

If you are planning a Trip after 2-3 months. You should book your Rail Tickets now, as of you will not get the Reserved Tickets afterward. As per the Indian Railway, you can book the Journey Ticket before 120 days. Many times, you will not get the reserved seat on the second day of reservation just because all the people in the India are booking at the same time. You can also book tickets on the Official IRCTC Website.

In case if you have made the planning in an emergency, then you can book the Tatkal Ticket. You can book this ticket before 24 hrs of the journey.

Thus, you can Spot the Status of Various Trains using all the methods that are discussed above.

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