Why are you still single in your thirties?


    Are you 30 and single? You feel worried about it because your friends, family, and colleagues constantly drop a hint that it is time to put a ring on your finger, but… You have no idea where to find your princess. What is more, you often feel alone and cannot handle it because you feel it is more than you can take, however, believe it or not, still, you are able to deal with this situation, which is quite awkward.

    Why are you still single in your thirties

    Let’s go deeper and find the reasons why you are single by 30:

    1. Bad background

    Firstly, the reason why you are single and 30 may be because of the horrible relationships in your family. Perhaps, your mother abandoned you or your parents ended up in divorce, or they were together, but constantly fought. Therefore, being a child you bet yourself not to get married to anyone. You might feel pain and sorrow about your family of father and mother that could not manage to find a common language with each other. The unhappy family is, probably, one of the biggest reasons why you are single and 30.

    2. Mistakes in past.

    This is the second reason why you may be single at this age when the vast majority of your friends have kids and wives. Probably, you blame yourself for what you have done in the past with your ex-girlfriends. Maybe, you betrayed them, maybe, you beat them, or more. It depends on your upbringing and moral qualities what you consider to be bad. But you might feel ashamed for the way you treated these girls and cannot forgive yourself. If you recognize yourself in these words, note, that you are not alone. Many guys feel this way, but they tend to hide their feelings and pain behind the mask.

    3. You have not found the love of your life.

    This is when you feel lost in this world. You feel that you are not in the right place, or work not where you would like to. You are single and 30 and feel, as if you have not released all your potential, all the talents you have are hidden. Hence, if you are not in the right place and at the right time, it will be impossible to find your single woman over 30 or less. But remember, even in this case, there is a way out.

    Let’s review the possible ways out of each problem.

    1. Forgive your parents for what they have done to you or each other in the past. Forgiveness is one of the keys to blessing. Apart from it, gratitude works as well.
    2. Forgive yourself. It may be painful, but go deeper into the roots of your pain and let it go. Release it through tears. Men do not cry? A wooden stick does not cry, if you have heart and emotions, it is great.
    3. Try to find your calling. Try to figure out the activity in your life that you feel you are born to do. When you are happy with your life, the woman of your dreams will come into your life in reality.

      Summing up, do not worry if you are still not married in your thirties, but do something to get this status. It is better to stay alone forever than to live in the unhappy family and end up in divorce. Search for the truth and sincerity – this is the way out.

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    Enjoy your time of being single! Have a great day!